Laptop GPU problems

Hi, normaly I don't buy laptops for gaming but I did this time because I have been traveling a lot.

anyway, I bought THIS: a couple of days ago and got it all set up but I am haveing some trouble with the GPU. I'm not sure what the exacct problem is but I <em>Think</em> that the GPU isn't turning on when I start games. (the computer uses the small intel chip when not in game to save power)

Games that let you pick your default GPU (like fallout) work perfectly but others do not. For example, Saints row the 3rd keeps changeing between haveing 60+ FPS to droping to 2 or 3 FPS for a couple of seconds. I'm assumeing this is the computer changeing the graphics card. 

I had my friend ( he has a laptop with the same intel chip but no Nvidia GPU) benchmark just cause 2 with me. We got the same framerates (about 2.8 FPS)

I am bringing it back to best buy later today to see what they can do about it but I was curious to see what you guys thought about my perdicament.



For those that don't click links, the specs are :


8 gigs of RAM

GTX 660M

500GB hdd

windows 8 64 bit

Is there a power saving option, or GPU switching option in the Bios? Try turning it off, if so. Or try any utilities that came with the laptop.

I did all that. Bios is locked.

I also just got the newest drivers for the intel chip and now I'm getting 14 FPS