Laptop for University

Hi guys,


In your opinion what would be a suitable laptop to use at university in Australia for March 2015 on wards? 

Should I wait a few more months for windows 9 and broadwell or get something now? 

Won't be gaming on this laptop but will watch a lot of videos etc. 

don't do any coding or any photo/video editing.. no intensive work

Preferences are;

  • High pixel density, IPS display
  • long battery life 
  • Atleast 13 inch screen
  • good speaker quality 
  • good keyboard 
  • Good build quality
  • atleast 8gb of ram

Don't need;

  • much graphics performance
  • many ports 
  • upgrade-ability 

Don't want to spend any more than $1600... keep in mind that it'll be purchased in Australia. 

This is a laptop that my friend has, and I don't remember the exact name of it, but just go on Amazon and search "Lenovo AMD A10" and look around. It has 6GB of RAM, a 750gb HDD, and a blazing fast quad core CPU, plus great graphics performance built right in. Its also only about $500. Its worth looking at, definitely, and also with all those features its only an inch thick when folded. And it doesn't get terribly hot either . all around just a great laptop.

Need something better than 1366 x 768

Australian prices suck. I looked around for literally a minute and i found this one on ebay australia. Seems good.

edit: it is a convertible so it flips back into a tablet. One of the best methods of making a convertible laptop IMO.

Has an i7 4500U and 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD

Has a 13" 3200 x 1800px screen. Would be an ips one im pretty sure, u should probs look it up.

Cant see a floor. im quite impressed with it

thanks man, was thinking something like this ! 

do you think they'll update it to 4th gen by march ? 

By 4th gen do u mean haswell. cause this is a haswell CPU

or do u mean broadwell?

@Tim Linnel

Don't buy a notebook/laptop from ebay.

Go to MSY, Pccasegear or Umart.


Look at Best Buy, they have an HP Pavilion G6 (my mom has this one and its great) and I think it has higher resolution. It has an AMD A8, DO NOT buy the i3 version the graphics are TERRIBLE and it costs as much as the apu version

pccasegear only has gaming notebooks. You cant filter searches on msy so it is difficult to find one there so goodluck. Umart is pretty good.

True that.

sorry i meant 5th, broadwell

Best Buy aren't in Australia 

When would you expect windows 9 and broadwell laptops to be out? 

Check out this laptop.

It can come with either a 13.3" 1080p or 3200x1800 IPS display. I'd recommend getting the 1080p panel if you got this laptop because it's more colour accurate. Cheaper than that Lenovo as well and has a more powerful CPU and dedicated graphics.

Clevo makes great OEM computers, so maybe great a Sager that is in whatever price range you want.

Sorry didn't think about location. There it is on Amazon, I'm sure you could find it somewhere else. These things are all over the place here.

Looks like windows 10 won't be out until late 2015, so that rules that out... When do you guys think that Broadwell laptops will be out? 

Seriously considering a 13" Macbook pro for university, even though i generally hate apple. someone talk me out of it ... and gaming won't work because i won't be gaming on this so give me reasons not to get it! 

i have a brand new macbook pro 15" retina and its a beast and easily the most enjoyable and practical laptop ive ever owned.

Apple laptops are pretty expensive. That's the biggest reason not to get one. Another one is that they are not very upgradable, but that is a trend with a lot of laptops these days.

I have a MacBookPro from 2009. It's good. I'd also suggest you look at Lenovo as well. The thing is, I much prefer Apple's operating system over Windows. Linux is better than either, but that is another choice altogether.