Laptop for on the go use

With the way my life is looking right now, I need to try to find a laptop that I can use on the go.  I'm not going to be home as much and since I tend to run custom roms on my tablet and phone, alongside other utilities, I need a computer that I can take with me and use when I'm not at my main rig at home.  It doesn't have to be a powerhouse or have really any gaming capabilities, all I need out of it is the ability to put manjaro/arch linux on it.  I'm willing to go up to $250, but around $200 would be great.  

So far I've thought about getting a Chromebook and just putting the linux on instead of ChromeOS, buying a used/refurbished laptop, or buying one of those off-brand no-OS laptops.  Anyone have any suggestions other than the chromebook?

With a budget *that* tight, not really. It would seem the Chromebook would be your best option. Typically, No-OS laptops will cost more because the bloatware helps subsidize Windows laptops, which drops the price. At least that was the case when Dell started making Ubuntu netbooks, and were more expensive than their identical Windows counter-parts.

These might be out of your budget but they were the cheapest I could find: