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Laptop for my girlfriend


My girl friend is in a program that uses revit and they are required to have a system to bring around with them that can run it, moneys tight so ive been looking at some alternative options to buying a expensive new system and came across this

Anythoughts on it?


I'm saying this out of ignorance, but wouldn't the lack of a discrete GPU cause some performance issues for Autodesk software?


Look around on craigslist.

You can generally find pretty cheap deals on there, and you can ask the seller to let you test out the laptop when you meet up.


It has a dedicated gpu, and to my understanding revit doesn't hardly use the gpu.


Craigslist is a short end up in the north west. Not alot of people and even less tech.


It does? Didn't see it in the listing, my bad. But it seems like a good deal if it's what you need.


If you want an alternate choice, try looking around on eBay for the Lenovo y500, y500p, y400, y400p, y510, y410, y50, y40, etc series laptops. I have a y500 that I bought freshman year (3.5 years ago, now) that I still use every day to run SolidWorks. It has an nVidia 750m graphics card in it. Still good for gaming too.

You could probably find one for ~$400 then throw a 64-128gb SSD in it for the boot drive, save the 750GB or 1TB drive it comes with for a storage drive that you replace the CD-drive with. Parts to do that is the cost of the drive (~$50 for something small) + ~$10 for the CD drive replacement bay. That's how mine's set up. Works great.


She does zero gaming so I'd prefer to stick with a professional grade gpu but thanks for the tip.


well I have sold similar business grade laptops refurbished from HP and they are rock solid


I had to use Autodesk Inventor on a laptop in high school (license didn't let the school use their desktops). Latitude series, i7 with 8 gb ram. Things ran a little slow but basically okay at first, but 8 gigs was not enough once the models started getting complex. I would constrain a few more parts, save, then just wait for it to bomb out and restart. Inventor actually has a bar in the bottom right showing how much ram it has left, so you get a sense for when things are gonna get bad. Hiding parts of the model helped with memory usage a little.

I don't think upgrading laptop memory is a super-reliable proposition, but I also don't know how Revit compares to Inventor resources-wise. There might be performance settings that could have helped too; I never had time to look. RAM is a limiting factor for CAD work in general iirc.


Revit is a completely different beast from other autodesk products and does almost entirely rely on CPU. That said, it does need some GPU power if you intend to do renderings of your buildings. Also its pretty RAM hungry when you're looking at larger projects and when importing lots of families. 16GB should be your minimum, and an SSD would be nice too.


Look on craigslist for a y40-70 they're everywhere.


As I said to the other guy craigslist isn't an option.


That was my understanding as well, so ya a ram upgrade will be noted as a must.


upgrade the ram and prepare to spend a little extra time rendering and it should be good. SSD would be nice


I am using ELITEBOOKS for quite some years now.. and they are the best. Good choice!

I never worked with REVIT and i not work with autodesk anymore. So no opinion there... its out of my dictionary.