Laptop for mobile editing

most of the want for the battery life is for just light browsing, sometimes I would like to sit in the living room on the couch with the friends that are over and browse the webs and show them things. sound bad but it would be in a non-anti-social way. I do it now, its just I have to be next to the charger. or i just go into my office which is down the hall and stay in there and edit. or sometimes (all the time) I just stay at my girlfriends house instead of picking her up and driving home. itd be nice to not have to even worry about having the charger.

Yeah. The xps 15 is a 15 inch screen in a 14 inch form factor.

The nice thing is that if you use the NVME SSD model, they use up all the extra space for the battery.

If you want the hybrid laptop, then yeah wait for the x1

I am kind of waiting for it too. That and of course the new macbook pro 13. (btw I hate the keyboard on the 2015 macbook pro. It is a HUGE fall from what they previously had).

the x1 yoga is already on lenovos site. Also ebay.

Yeah but the oled model comes out in april : (

That's the downfall of powerful hardware, even for stuff like there where it is not being utilized fully, it still pulls more power than a chip that is lower powered, you have to throttle it to hell to get the battery life you want, but it just doesn't feel the same when they are throttled. This is from me using my laptop, a G510 from Lenovo. It happens to have an i7-4710MQ in it which is really baller. But to get decent battery life, I have the chip throttle down the 10% max usage on battery, which you can really feel when doing stuff. It's not terrible (well, kinda is) but it's something to consider when getting a laptop that is really powerful.

I am currently using a Hp probook 4540s, but they don't make it any longer and its hard to find a new one. However Hp still makes a probook, which a lot of peope over look when buying a laptop especially if they are considering a Apple macbook. Most of the probooks use I5 Cpu's and have Amd cards in them. The nicest part about the probooks are you can up grade everything from the harddrive to the gpu. Also if you like to OSx as your operating system the webstie is a great source to Hanckintosh the probooks. The Fourm has a dedicated space just for the probook, and with the new system for making it a hackintosh its a one time install and then you upgrade to the new os from the app store just like any other macbook.

As a semi professional shooter I tend to take a lot of pictures. Thats the beauty of digital its cheap so go out and shoot a lot. I dont use lightroom at all I shoot everything in camera raw so I use photoshop and camera raw to edit all of my photos. I use a program called Photomechanic inplace of light room. It works so much faster and allows me to delete what the pictures I dont want, and to sort the ones I do want by how much editing I think it needs. For my HDR pictures I use a program called HDRsoft PhotoMatix Pro. It works 100 times better than anything photoshop could do, the learning curve is simple and it works a lot like camera raw in photoshop.

When I am doing editing on the laptop, (Hp Probook 4540's) I do get a couple of hours worth of work time. Granted I am still running the stock I5 that came with the machine but I have upgaded to a 250gb ssd and I removed the stock dvd plaer and placed the stock 750gb harddrive in a caddie that replaces the dvd drive to give me more storage space. Also I have upgraded to 16bg of memory, and am using apple as the OS, so its a pretty powerful system for a laptop anyway.

those are so thick and heavy though. There was one in the break room at my old workplace. If I go HP it'd be a elitebook 740 G1. They're still kinda thick for what I want but they're built so well. I've been handling a bunch of them here at my new workplace for all the new employees (after me (I have a crappy dell inspiron 7347)).

I do remember this happening on my old Lenovo. Actually that G510 looks almost identical to it. It was a Y580. Also a big factor in sticking with dell is the cool accessories it as for it. Like the Power companion. It's basically just a backup battery. But at the same time Lenovo has their business style laptops with either clip on or hot swappable batteries like the T450s. My sister had a yoga 2 pro that was maxed out. It's still a pretty great college piece and damn that thing was small. So looking at the new Yoga 900 maxed out actually doesn't look that bad for its price.

The Yoga laptops are amazing, highly recommend since you want battery life and lightweight.

If you ever decide to get a heavier and larger laptop: It is Linus, so take it with a grain of salt, but it seems to be a very decently priced set of laptops that have good performance and good battery life.

I didn't know Lenovo had laptops with hot swappable batteries. I've always wanted to get a new battery or two for my laptop so i could get through the longer days without a plug, but could never find one for it..

soooo what's everyones opinions on the Razer Blades? I kinda think all razer products are made like crap. But idk if it applies in their laptops

Does the XPS 15 use matte screen? I'm recommending a friend XPS 15 who is doing photo editing as well. From what I heard from recent Techno Buffalo vid about Apple being not Pro, it is much more ideal to use matte screen laptop or monitors for editing because glossy screen would over saturate the colours. Thus I would like it to be matte screen to make sure it'll be ideal for my friend.

linus has a blade 14 as his daily so thats some pretty good credentials right there

with the blades (and razer in general) you are paying for design

good hardware, bad price

Its deceptively heavy. Its nice and solid, and the build quality is superb, but yeahhhhh..... its not something I would enjoy carrying around too too much.

Plus it is really expensive for what it is. I would probably just go with a full macbook pro at that point.

It can. Just be careful about which one you pick. It can either come with a 1080p matte screen or a 4K glossy.

refurbished for $1600 though.