Laptop for LAN party

So I'm getting a laptop to bring back and forth to LAN parties (I got REALLY tired of bringing my desktop EVERYWHERE,) and planned on getting something like this -

I know the RAM and the HDD are total garbage, and I plan on upgrading to 8gb of RAM and possibly an SSD.

We only really play Minecraft, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and on occasion a few other games. Is there other laptop that would be a better buy or what would you suggest? I would like to spend around $400 bucks are so.

Definitely opt for an SSD in that thing. Its got a good APU in it. RAM is fairly cheap for it. But there is no technical specs on the laptop available. Its definitely worth the money, i might buy 2 of them lol.

If you plan on upgrading RAM in it, id consider "CPU-Z"-ing it to see what the speed of the RAM is before upgrading.

That;'s what I was thinking about, I didn't see any specs either and was wondering which speed RAM to buy for it. I guess, I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it :P

Yeah, i thought it was really odd that ASUS didnt have it on their website at all. CPU-Z is probably the best way to go about finding out what it is. We just wont know what its limits are... :/

alternative that is twice as fast?







it will wheigh 7-8 pounds play games twice as good as the laptop

128GB is all you'll need for a lan rig

and this is with the APU version that is a GHz faster and its still being beat

and ctrl F search 6520G (the laptop GPU) and 6570 it has double the score

plus a ITX build you made yourself in a lot more badass then saying I bought a $350 laptop online

I'm sure the ITX build is alot better, but I don't want to have to worry about bringing a monitor or anything of the sort. Just something I can throw in my backpack and take to a friends house whenever.

okay that's cool too, just making sure you know your options, but yeah that's pretty much the best your're going to get for 350-400, its a shame they don't put dedicated GPUs on the laptop version of the CPU I posted since they're so cheap and good enough for gaming, its a shame they don't put better iGPUs on the Dual core APUs and jack the freq higher than 1.5Ghz since most games don't use more than two cores anyways