Laptop + eGPU

I am looking to help my father find a setup that works for him.

He wants a lite laptop he can carry around with him but have the ability to play the new Microsoft flight sim when he gets home. (This is the only gaming he dose)

For this an eGPU paired with a laptop (Obviously with thunderbolt 3) sounds like a good plan to me.

He is reasonably technical but very outdated in his knowledge so this one cable setup to connect to his peripherals+GPU seems like a good idea.

I am looking at the " Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 Aorus Gaming BOX GeForce GTX1080 Graphic Card 8192 MB" but need to find a good laptop to pair with it.

PS:I would love to see a “State of eGPU’s in 2020” video :wink:

You can do a fairly good detailed search for laptops here, using a number of different factors to narrow down the factors you find important.

Your best bet is one of the new 11th gen Intel laptops (which have a decent ipc uplift, plus thunderbolt 4 and pcie 4). As for the gpu side of things, what resolution does he play at? What is the budget? What screen size laptop does he want? Give more details.

This is my prototype recommendation for now:

But keep in mind, using eGPUs have a performance penalty. So I would also recommend something like this-


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