Laptop build custom or no

I want to get a laptop for school. I am finally starting all my design classes and I am tired of always working on my desktop. I want some more flexibility that would allow me to hit up a cafe and work. I was thinking of getting a custom built laptop because I also don't want to take a performance hit with a laptop. Basically I want it to run The Adobe master collection flawlessly and still be convenient. roughly $1200 is my limit but I have decided to have a maximum of $1500. I have been looking at stealthmachines website and Sager notebooks website as well. that is the laptop i was looking at, i want something that looks professional and would be good for video editing and working in after effects. I also Enjoy the option of future upgrading but at the moment the smartest decision is eluding me. I can't decide whether to get something custom built like this or order a laptop from some name brand company. Further debate would be much appreciated.

In my opinion you'll do fine with what you've selected on stealthmachines. If you plan to do a lot of video editing I would spring for a bigger HDD. Or you could instead use a decently large SSD and export finished video onto a large external drive.

I plan to have two hard drives. maybe an ssd for caching but I would definitely upgrade. idk i am juwst getting nervous because there are definitely other options out thereb but I don't know about them


but what about these ultra books? is it better to just get one of those or use the more expanded laptops?




If you're doing heavy design work I would stick to a laptop, an ultrabook would be better if you're just taking notes and stuff like that. The Stealthmachines one looks good.