Laptop are derp why?

Laptops are in fashion these days in india and i have one and i am displeased with them my questions are :-


Why cant we make upgradeable laptops (i know some high end laptops are capable of gpu upgrades but shit gets frustrating when i can only upgrade my ram and hdd maybe cpu but finding one commercially is a pain in the ass and i can never let anyone touch my laptop, last time they burned my gpu )


Screens in laptops take 60% of battery (approx) and maybe double the weight i know as i am using a laptop with no screen connected to a crt monitor why dont we see a plastic screen or flexible screen as the lg flex i know it is bad to complain right now as the tec has not been out for a long time but  no one is even trying why?



Well the main point of a laptop is portability.  Most of the components are soldered to the motherboard, i.e. GPU/CPU/RAM. The laptop was not made to be modular also it's all in one solution for when a desktop is not available. Not only that, those technologies such as the screen in the LG Flex are not intended for you to be twisting and bending the laptop, I don't even see why it would need to be flexible in the first place. The ultimate solution to your problem is a desktop which is modular maybe something like an M-ITX build. Maybe something like this (LINK) pretty small but you would have to find your own lamp arm or some substitute to hold the monitor in place.

Also it's almost impossible to build a laptop since there aren't standardized form factors like ATX, mATX, ITX, etc. on the desktop. Every laptop manufacturer has their own form factors for the laptop "case" and motherboard.

i know they are meant to be portable i dont think a 1.5 inch thick laptop is much of a issue cmon if you can have space for a 13 inch long laptop it is a reasonable size and said about the flex screens as they would be much lighter than a traditional lcd the thing is freaking heavy and filled with fluid. but still if someone comes across something like this it would be appreciated

exactly, the closest you will come is a bare-bones system then build up. I would love to see a niche market for form factor mobos ...even if it sacrifices some weight. (ie packs on a few pounds)

why dont we have a custom form factor we can have a simple one for normal laptops and those who want derp slim and pricey shit can have it. Is it because the computer industry has become more "user friendly" and want the attention of the masses? well i see a kickstarter project here