Laptop advice

I believe I am going to buy a new laptop in a bit and am looking for some good advice. I know you people are die hard PC-fans but I have to admit I have been thinking about a 15" Macbook Pro. Why, you might ask. It´s mostly (but not only) because of it´s awesome display (I work alot in Photoshop etc.) and it´s design. I am liberal towards both PC's and Mac's but would like to see some PC choices. I don´t know exactly what makes the Macbook displays so freakin' good. Do you? What PC do I have to take a look at to compare it to the Macbook Pro? Hardware wise the Macbook is quite weak, and that´s why I am turning myself to you and the PC-market.

My biggest requirement is that it got a 15" good display (and what makes it so good, so I can compare different computers displays).

Let´s say the pricetag is 0 - 2000 Euro (the price for a 15" Macbook Pro with upgraded gfx)

Thank you.

Not sure about the screen, but if you're running Photoshop CS4, this will kick it in the balls. The GPU is great.