Laptop 400 dollars?

Y'all know me I don't know shit about new hardware. I know risc shit, powerpc, and old stuff, but nithing recent right. So I need a new laptop that is relatively up to date soon (up to date meaning within 4 years) that I can play games on. Don't need a 1070 or anything but my gaming laptop has a 9800M GS and it runs like shit.

What is a good mobile gpu to look for? I don't need 4 cores or anything on cpu. If it was 2c4t I'd be happy with that. I'm more concered about gpu though but I don't know much about cpu's either. I can probably figure that out on the way. The gtx 400 abd 500's are worth avoiding so is there an ok laptop with like a gtx 660? Is there anything note worthy on the ati\amd side?

I need to be able to play League of Legends, csgo, mostly light games. Maybe skyrim? Battery can be like 2 hrs I plug in most of the time anyways. Also ram doesn't exactly matter to me. 4-6 gigs is pretty ok and if the machine doesn't come with any to cut costs I have 6 gb of ddr3 laptop ram already. If its 1366x768 I don't really mind tbh. Also weight doesn't matter (I carry mobile workstation laptop around lol).

If you have had a really good lappy before then lemme know! Otherwise what would be a good unit to look out for?


Look for the ones with the Firepro GPU, its the equivalent of a Radeon 5870M (desktop 5770)
the one i linked has that GPU but is in so-so condition... then again, it's $240
Also the keyboard is amazing


I found an Asus ROG G46VW on craigslist. i7 and a 660 2GB! This actually would be amazing if the guy still has it its been on CL for 2 or 3 weeks. I asked 175 he wants 350. If he hasn't sold it I might be able to snipe this thing.

Sounds like a decent deal if you can snipe it. Any particulars as to why you want a laptop?
Have you looked around for barebones stuffz might be more worth you while... I know you could save ~100$ toward better hardware barebonez

Actually got a better snipe and I've secured it. Lenovo Y40-70 (17 4510U + R9 275M +8GB ram) for 175 and I can make it all back in shoveling snow because there is a blizzard coming in. I can charge 7 dollars per house and make it all back in 25 houses but I can do 40 houses a day, I reckon. I can get out of this extremely positive I think.

All I had to do was let it drive me nuts and idle on craigslist for a few hours XD

I think this thread can be closed. @Eden


Charge more! Hell most charge at least 20$ lol

No!! Theres 75 houses within walking distance and its going to be snowy! Most may charge 10-20 but I don't need to (and the driveways are tiny as fuck) and I can repeat over many days! Charge 5 - 7 (I'm thinking 7 sounds off the ball enough and its pocket money) and they will find me WAY more reasonable than the other guy!

How can you say no! Undercut but mass repeat and have a larger audience!

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Lol.. I'm in rich town Royal Oak where 20$ isn't anything. Even the kids round here do like 30-40$ lol they know their market.

Decent snow over there? We haven't got much, its literally like 5 degrees warmer here in the city

Its going to blizzard overnight into tomorrow.

Haven't been paying much attention I heard but now I'm seeing this

...yeah you right

:P mmhmm~~

Correction, 12 houses a day if I can get up at 9.