Laptop £200-£300

There are two pieces of hardware I know little about: laptops and DACs.

I've got £300 saved from a part time job and a need a laptop for college work. It needs to do only three things: run linux well (preferably dual boot with windows); run word processing software, including spreadsheets and finally have a good battery life.

Can somebody recommend me a laptop that can do just that?

The closer to £200, the better. The longer the battery life, the better.

I'm assuming there aren't many laptops currently incapable of running linux and basic word processing software but laptop hardware is something I know little about. In the mean time, I will be looking for a laptop that fits the description.

Thank you.

Maybe a good chromebook? There's some nice ones and I'm pretty sure they're all like 100% linux compatible?
Have to do some research but the dell one's supposedly quite rugged for throwing in backpacks and such. There's another that's got a 1080p IPS panel, can't remember which.

I've been looking at various chromebooks. They all seem to have huge battery life, be rather cheap but tend to have low amounts of storage. I could always throw in a new HDD, if it is possible.

No, theres no room for anything like that inside, they've got flash(? or somehting) storage. You add more storage with an SD card, sorta like a phone. Could get a pretty high capacity one with the extra budget. Stick a 64GB one in there and you're sorted, probably won't even need 32GB if it's just for taking notes, writing stuff and such, plus you can always get more... and they're hot swappable. SD card for every subject even?
There's one really old dell chromebook I think I remember that had a HDD that was replaceable. The specs won't be as great though, wouldn't go for it.

You get a free 100GB of google drive storage for like the first year or so or something, so if you've internet connection it'll be fine anyway. Just use google docs.

Some chrome books did have a SATA interface, 32GB is not a lot but fine for my purposes.

Thanks, man. I'll probably end up with a chrome book, pending Linux installation isn't too painful.