Laptop 2,5" HDD useful in Desktop PC?

Hi Folks,

Ive got a lot of friends asking me to help them withtheir laptop harddrives. Mostly they need a bigger one or they want me to recover data when samething else is broke inside their laptops.

Because they mostly dont have use for the old part they gifted them to  me. In mydesktop pc I need a lot of storage so i asked myself, why not ising the old 2,5" HDD (they all work perfectly fine). They use the same cables so why not?.

Here is my Question, are their any benefits by using 3,5" hdd campared to the 2,5" hhds. Or is it just that the formfactor limits the! storage and that they are mostly slower (5400).

Thanks for your answers!



Well yes, the advantages for 3.5 is that it's faster and has higher capacities. Other than that they're both the exact same thing.

Aight, so they schould fit for Pictures, Films and Music