Lapping tips?

I want to lap my 3770k to a mirror sheen, as well as my Hyper 212 Evo! Any tips for a  first time lapper? Certain techniques?

My way, which has worked several times.

Pane of glass + sheets of 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000 sandpaper placed securely to the glass. Tape, super glue on the corners etc, whatever works for you. 

Get rid of the nickel layer first with the 200, then work your way through the grits. 1000 grit gives a nice finish, by all means go further. 2000+ yields a really nice look but takes a while to get there.

Make sure you keep a steady hand and wear gloves so you dont take your fingertips off.

To test place some TIM on both the cpu and heatsink and press them on the glass. Turn upside down and observe how the TIM displaces.

Be sure to wipe down both surfaces with alchol or somethingalong the same lines. (eg isopropylene). Certainly dont want sanded material to foul the cpu.

Since its an ivy chip have you considered de-lidding the chip? As lapping wont yield as much as a de-lidding would.

Hope some of this helps.

FINALLY! Someone replies lol Yes, I am going to delid the IHS after I lap the heatsink and IHS. I'm also going to use Coollaboratory Liquid Pro on the die. I heard it's very good. Any experience with it?

Thanks for replying  :)

Wonder if going past 1000 sandpaper and using a white blizzard buffing compound would improved results when lapping?

I saw a guy on you tube use 2000 grit. I'm going to try it and see. S0 far 220, 360, 500 and 600 grit. 600 grit feels really fine to me....I can't imagine 1500 or 2000. It'll probably feel smooth. I'll get an 800 and then 1500 or 2000. I do want a mirror finish.

btw what's white blizzard?

if your delidding it, why not lower the risk factor a little, and lap the heat spreader wihile its off the CPU.

also- stay away from powerbuffers. they'll put micro-dents in your heat spreader and lower proformance.

also- have you considered doing water/phasechange cooling? lapping seems like a lot to go through for just a hyper 212.

Actually ,I did lap it after delid it. The only reason I don't want to do water cooling is because of the maintenance, cost, and air passing through the radiators can be noisy and higher RPMs.

Either way, it was worth it. I get great temps now with a 4.5Ghz overclock, my temps never go beyond 65C when gaming or video transcoding.

air won't pass through the rads if you do it right, phantoms water cooling is quiet as can be

I'm going to be lapping my water block soon. You better damn well believe an extra 2-4c is worth saving at higher over clocks.

Uhh, if air isn't passing through the radiators, you are doing something seriously wrong.

I thought he meant like, you know INSIDE the rad, where the water goes

I have not lapped a cpu or heat sink but this is what I use for my planes and chisels,43072 

I bet it would work very well, on a piece of glass, it comes in adhesive back sheets, .5 micron will give you a mirror finish.