Lap top recommendations

Hi. I'm looking for input/recommendations for a lap top that I can use to download video torrents onto. That is the only purpose of the laptop. If building a laptop for this purpose is feasible/possible, I'd be interested in that option, too. Regardless, my budget is $500-600 CDN inclusive of taxes.


Hello. I should be more specific. My family wants a laptop that can be a fast downloader. We simply want a cheap machine that wont interfier with ourdocuments if we download viruses. The soul purpose is to be fast and safe. I am under the impression that fast downloads only come from fast internet, but my dad believes it has to do with the processor and such. Am I right, or is he? Any reply would be greatly appreciated. 


Greetings sir. You are both right (though you are more right than he is). It doesn't matter how good or brand new your computer is. If you have slow internet, you will have slow downloads. Though if you have an old computer with fast internet, you will most likely have slower downloads, but there are ways to fix that.

If you are buying a new laptop (By the way I'm gonna go ahead here and say I wouldnt recommend building a laptop) You shouldn't have any problems with downloads right away. But if you go off downloading the entire internet then you will probably get a virus or two. Make sure you protect yourself.

I have Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and I haven't gotten any viruses yet. Also download Malware Bytes. Pretty much the best thing you can do if you do get hit by a virus. Make sure you set up weekly (if not daily) scans. As a last resort you can use System Restore.

Totaly agree with Ethanololol, a new laptop isn't going help if your internet speed is too slow, I have switched from AVG to MS Security Essentials because I feel AVG is becoming the new Norton a bloated resource hog that lets everything through and once a week I scan with super anti spyware

if it's sole purpose is for dowloading, just get the cheapest thing you can find with gigabit ethernet