LANMASTER is finally complete!

It’s taken a good while but I’ve finally completed it! This has been a journey from different cases and processors over the course of three years and I’ve finally settled on what is one of the best possible portable LAN setups out there.

Phase 1:
Highlights - Intel i5 6500, R9 390X,16GB RAM, Cooler Master Elite 130

Sept 2016 (Small one by the Phendrana Drifter, which I also had logged here in the past)

(Just the inside layout with and without GPU)

Phase 2:
Highlights - Ryzen 1700, RX 480, 16GB RAM, Silverstone Milo ML-08B, 120mm fan on the side panel for better air intake)

October 2017 (Bottom right. Was showing a friend of mine VR for her first time given that this system could actually handle the Vive decently)
(I don’t have many other pictures of this setup because it was pretty brief)

Phase 3:
Highlights - Ryzen 1700, Vega 64, 16GB RAM, Dr. Zaber Sentry

April 2018 (Taken to PAX East and was even able to play in the hotel lol)

January 2019 (GPU had been upgraded since the PAX pic and just today got the final piece being the 17in 120Hz Freesync portable monitor)

The original idea worked pretty well in getting around for LAN parties but was still kind of bulky to actually hold. This build I ended up selling and inspired a friend to build a similar one. Very much a good case in which to learn how to build small.

When I brought the new LANMASTER to PAX East this year, the only real downside at the time was that my high refresh rate monitors were all 24in so I had gotten a travel bag for it which was able to be taken on the plane as a carry on just barely. This was all a lot of weight on the back and in the hands but with this new, tiny, portable monitor, I can literally fit it all in that backpack and have my hands be free! There have been portable monitors around for a good few years now but none I could find were high refresh rate or had Freesync support so this is actually a no compromise setup. It’s been a fun journey and I learned a bit from this that even best laid plans can have unforeseen consequences. If anyone else has some ideas how to take this even further, please post below!



BTW the items laid out on the table include:

  • LANMASTER with base stand
  • G-Story monitor with remote
  • Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro S
  • Zowie FK1 mouse
  • Asus mousepad
  • Superlux 668B
  • Antlion Mod Mic
  • 8 Port TP-Link Switch
  • Various cables for USB, HDMI, AC power, wifi antennas, and power supplies for the monitor and switch
  • An organizational pouch that comes with the backpack to sort and store stuff (top left of frame)