Landmark EU Court decision on meta data


Today the EU Court of Justice throws the existing EU data retention directive from 2006 out of the window, saying it is disproportionate to its purpose (prevention of and fighting crime etc). Very short summary but basically, the amount and type of data (meta-data mainly) and the specific use of that data, as foreseen by the directive and the lack of prior notification to the person from which this data is derived of this use; infringes upon fundamental rights in relation to private life and the protection of personal data. 

Directives in the EU are minimal requirements agreed upon through voting procedures that EU member states have to implement. Of course these directives give EU member states leeway and room for interpretation when implementing them. However, this decision brings into question all EU countries legislation that flows from implementing this directive. Interesting to see how this will develop. 

For a more elaborate explanation please refer to the document above.


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Yes, but it's a huge and constant fight by people that simply care, and are not always paid to fight this battle.

There is nothing stopping the US or other regions from doing the same, all it takes is people that actually give a damn'...

I have just one thing to say to the Internet generation, and I really hope people start to think about this: when the United Nations Human Rights Manifest was signed (but still not ratified by the US, Liberia and a few other dissident states) in 1948, it was the first time that the whole civilized world agreed that police should not have the right to invade houses or that the government couldn't just open and read mail. Before that, it was something that was not a common right. Now think for a minute how many people had to die a bad death and how many people lost everything just to push those very rights through.... now tell me... what is the difference between a telephone call and a skype call again... what is the difference between a letter and an e-mail again... whatever anyone says, this is the human rights fight of this generation, and it has to be taken seriously, because things can easily take a turn for the worst. It took less than 5 years in pre-WWII Germany to go from a new and fresh democracy to the worst dictatorship in history of mankind. If you let them tell you that everything is just fine and that you have nothing to fear, that you're safe, that's when you start to really panic, and how long have they been telling you that? Human rights are eroded on a massive scale, and all the arguments  - however carefully and ingeniously developed - that want to treat e-mail different as letters, or VOIP calls different than PSTN calls, or metadata other than close police surveillance, are invalid and should be combated by everyone that has some brain cells left awake in his skull. It's not about having the right to watch youtube or netflix, those are all empty discussions if the basic rights that so many million people died for are kept upright. There is still a huge dictatorial lobby, also in the EU, that has to be fought every single day. Like why are certain countries abolishing free public DVB-T broadcasts and selling that bandwidth to corporations? Because nobody is watching? No! Because by coincidence, the Realtek RTL-2832U is a happy little accident, and the reason why this chip is made, is because of the DVB-T format in those countries. People have to fight for transparency and human rights, even if they are constantly fed with a false feeling of safety. People are so incredibly gullible, even people with a high intelligence, and the Internet as a means of communication (fora, etc...) are incredibly manipulated by task forces that spend their time depicting intelligent people as thin foil hats or spaced out conspiracy theorists.

If there is one thing worth fighting for, it's not the right to watch netflix without stuttering, it's the goddamn' human rights millions of people had to die for before the world saw the necessity thereof. Do you think you are more safe now that governments and corporation systematically store your electronic data, than the jews were whose letters and phone calls were systematically used to send them to the concentration camps? The whole internet data mining situation, especially in the corporate US, is simply unacceptable! The fight isn't over until electronic data rights are exactly the same as rights concerning PSTN phone calls, home searches, and correspondence by letter, it's a simple as that.

I agree, the spying on the worlds citizens needs to stop. Allowing the collection of meta-data on a governmental scale eliminates way too much of the individual's privacy. 

These Netflix cases matter too though, not so much on the privacy side however. For me at least, it isn't about watching Netflix as much as it is about allowing the next people with an amazing idea like Netflix to really run with their ideas.

Combine this with when you hear about the RIAA wanting to monitor all copyright on the internet and you quickly can turn the discussion about illegal downloading into a discussion about privacy. The same systems used to make sure you're not illegally downloading the new Jay-Z album can easily be used to monitor what organizations/causes you support. 

The World really needs to hold a town hall meeting to apply the same ideas about privacy in the physical world to that of the digital world.

Maybe we'll all get it, maybe we won't. Probably depends on how much money there is to be made fighting the good fight.