LAN Syndicate Bring Your Buddy a Computer

I have noticed a lot of people on the fence about coming to the LAN for fear of traveling with their rig. But what if you could just show up and there would be a game ready setup waiting for you?

Myself and I'm sure a number of other attendee's have multiple rigs. I am going to bring at least two additional setups, PC + monitor + accessories, for anyone wanting to fly out for the LAN that can't travel with their PC.

This thread is to pair up PC donors and recipients.

*also just because this is another place to say it, the Great Wall of Underagedness isn't going to be like dividing the LAN into the kids table and the adult party fun zone of "oh-you-aren't-21?-LOL-fuck-off-no-fun-for-you".


PC Donors:
PC#1: 860K, R9 290, 16GB +monitor - @MFZuul

PC#2: 860K, R7 370, 16GB  @Aethyr 

PC#3: Unholy Abortion (but it does run Crysis)

1x monitor for kewldude007

G3258 GTX 760


I am very interested. I am flying in from georgia, so the chance my pc breaking in transport is high. I have crossfire 290x's as well as a liquid cooled cpu, and I'm very concerned of parts breaking. Please contact me via twitter @SockratisHub, I'll dm you from there.

I'd say just bring the GPUs and have somebody meet you with a barebones to toss them into for the LAN. Pop them out and head home at the the end.

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No need to make it more complicated. I've already purchased tickets and reserved a room so I'm guaranteed to be there, I'm bringing spare rigs so it's first come first served to reserve the use of those rigs. If you don't have your ticket yet though and somebody else with a ticket purchased places a request they take priority.

That is the setup of one of the rigs I'm taking

Well if it wasn't across the country from me. I wish I had the money I'd go.
I know I'd get my ass kicked but it would be fun.

@Alamar with your proximity to the event would you have any interest in bringing spare rigs or monitors?

I'd love to but I don't really have extra of either at the moment.

I can bring a spare down. It's a g3258 and a gtx 760. Its even got a cool Nvidia paint job



anyone got a monitor I could borrow/loan? I'm trying to pull this off with one carry-on bag and my 21.5" may make or break size limit

Got you covered.

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bump just in case anyone might need this

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I will be fine, but my dad will be using my basic laptop, had planned on him using my more powerful laptop but while cleaning it a capacitor popped off and I don't have time to fix it. My basic one should be able to run everything so far listed here (besides doom beta that is and maybe COD4)

I know this is for traveling people primarily, however if he could barrow a spare computer I'm sure he would be grateful, though I'm sure, he would rather people who are traveling and really need a spare rig to get one.

No sweat, I have you covered.

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Since my case is 2 inches too wide, I may need to check into this list. I feel very unsure about having my rig in the underbelly, and trying to wing it with my case seems very sketchy.

Hell, if a rig is available, I'll even bring my own monitor.

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@Aethyr I have to take my computer apart for the trip for that reason myself, may carry the gpu and motherboard in their original boxes in a carry on or put them in a pelican box I have with the rest in my checked.

@Braysive Thank you, really appreciate it. I will be bringing an external hard drive with the games he has on his steam as well as some GOG stuff preloaded on it if that is ok with you.

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