LAN Party

For games:

emulated old school n64 and ps2 games are great ( mostly for group gaming on one pc, 4people to a pc)

classics include [n64] mario kart (best game ever), mario party, smash bros, donkey kong 64, coners bad fur day, [ps2] sould calibur, jack x racing, tony hawk pro skater 4, ect.

you can also emulate newer consoles if you have games in mind there, although i still think the n64 has the best 4players games for some casual fun


for more serious gaming:

league of legends is very fun if you can get 10 people, that way you can 5v5 and laugh it off when your friend kills you.  It beats playing with random people immensely.  It is also free.

In general the best way to have fun in lan evironments is to make the atmosphere casual and friendly.  stay away from the ranked and serious gameplay and stick to fun modes.  


I also suggest drinking games with lan partying, if permitted and towards the end of the event.

1. What will I need networking wise?

Switches that can handle the load....I don't know the specifics of this but we generally did up to 15ish people with just our household routers running as switches.

2. What snacks do you recommend?

surprisingly healthy things help people go longer duration, however they are not very desirable. If you are all of the age, good beer is always in want.

3. Best LAN games?

My new favorite lan game of awesome:

We also like any other DM game, specifically Goldeneye Source, Primal Carnage, TF2 and so on. For a lite game, is always a fun one as well. Try to be creative as well, and if things get a little tired, get everyone up for some game to move and such...Have options, but be prepared to play TF2 all night long.

4. Any other tips for an enjoyable experience

Clean...Clean before, clean yourself(Read As: Shower) clean halfway through, clean after, your day will be much easier. Don't let trash pile up. 

Prepare, make sure servers are running and stable(even if just you is running) all games are up to date, you have the installers for things like armagetron, mm8dm, and Goldeneye Src.

Ambiance, a bit of light trance or something in the background, rather quiet, so that people with crappy headphones can't hear it when they're on, gets things going. A light level appropriate to your group. Some are near pitch black, some are low light. some are high light. Plan accordingly, if you're going to have power cables and stuff running all around, be sure to have some lighting.

Generally Googling "LAN party tips" or something of the sort gives 500 million billion queries and the first few are on LAN party websites that have information. I think was mentioned above... its a good one

One last note, If you can, attend a large LAN party before, or before your next party. See what they do right, do that. See what they do wrong, don't do that.

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Any word on if Logan is serious about a Cincinnati LAN? I live in the area and would for sure drop in.

1.Switches and cat 5 of all sizes maybe a POE just in case you have some huge lines

2.Tea and quality pizza (Crappy/cheap pizza goes too fast and does not agree with everyone) Home made or better quality pizza is more filling and yummy =)

3.Go a bit more old school on this list Dawn of War 1 series, Unreal 3 and down, Quake, Half Life multi, Star Craft, something that is easy and fun that isnt super demanding that way you have a good mix of games.

4.Get a good place to do it at or find a local LAN center and rent the place out. South Texas has nothing at the moment and my first experience was in Austin TX. Smaller place but they had a room just for 5 v 5 ( Classic DOTA) 2 rows of computers and than a small theater room for the console peoples. Rates where nice and you could bring your own rig for a reduced fee. Over all you could throw $20 into this place and get a drink a snack and party all night. 

And since it was semi-talked in INBOX and people do comment fast in this area, Where are some places Tek staff would be willing to come down to game with us in person. If yall are heading to the South anytime hit me up I am in Deep South Texas but can travel for a night


i want to lan so bad!

You may also want to have things to do other than gaming.  Like just somewhere where people can take a break, watch tv or whatever to stay entertained but catch a breath so to speak.(this assuming it will be a fairly long lanparty)