LAN party on top of a Swiss Mountain?

So, last TEK you mentioned (not for the first time, I think?) that you would like to make a LAN party on top of a mountain in Switzerland.

Let us introduce ourselves: We are Joey, Oliver (aka Shui) and Titus and we hail from Visp and the nearby but 700 meter higher Bürchen (see map). While Joey and Titus are roommates in Lausanne, where they study Computer Science and Robotics, respectively, Oliver works in IT near Basel.

So, whenever you want to make it real, contact us. We will be very happy to help you (and join the LAN party, of course ;) ).

Find attached a quick intro to the geography of Switzerland.


Update: Found the relevant footage: 



*sigh* I don't even.

If this happens can I join? It's only like 700KM from my home but. I can pretend I am there.

Oh no, the thread is dead. Maybe they are not that serious about it after all :) . klarkie: I hope you can, but first we'll need to figure out what it's gonna be...

Well in a recent episode of the Tek they alluded to possibly doing that sometime this year.  Stay tuned, folks!