LAN Party 101

My friends and I have been hosting alot more LAN parties lately and since LANsyndicate is coming up I thought I'd start a general General LAN party tips or trixs thread.

First off if you havent bought tickets yet I'd suggest you do before the end of the month

Carrying your gear over can be a hassle
There are plenty of solutions to this such as buying a beefy laptop or living at the party for the rest of your life. You could also look into getting a tower with handles to help avoid accidents. Here are a couple..

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie
Who doesn't like pizza? This Should provide discounts to pizza places in your area.

Not enough interweb ports?
This might not be the fastest option but it's pretty cheap. We picked up 2 of these and we're pretty happy with them.

There's always that one goy
There's always that one goy who doesn't have the game everyone agreed to have by the time of the party. Instead of waiting for him/her/or whatever to download it off of steam or the game's site just share it with them over your network.
Mac: You weren't invited

I like beer
Be the cool guy or gal at the party everyone has to talk to because you're the only one who can open their beers and kill space goblins with some fairly inexpensive pocket knives

All suggestions and comments are welcomed however I would like to remind everyone to be open and kind to each other. Have fun guys

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