Lan Parties - What to Expect?

I have never been to a lan party before. I was thinking about possibly making arrangements for either Quakecon or PDXlan or something similar.

What would be the things to see apart from the gaming with people right next to you part? I like games but I couldn’t imagine playing them, even with friends for days straight?

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memes on walls and stacks of empty energy drink cans

fitting 7 people into a 5 passenger car to get breakfast and 6 of them have hangovers, and when we get there every single person gets orange juice
or filling a reservoir from a bottle

the actual lan-ing is the least interesting part imo


Either you will keep people from playing games or people will keep you from playing games.
It is in general a fun experience.


All I remember was no sleep, my computer constantly crashing and the smell of unwashed bodies and farts lingering in the air.

I found digging a fox-hole in the rain, then living in it for a long weekend (yes, that included shitting into a bag) more fun…

*It has been many, many years since I have done either, for all I know both could be much more fun now - apart from shitting into a bag obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


Lots of porn sharing (typically later in the evening). Well. Maybe at not one of the bigger public parties… :smiley:

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Dude gross lol. What kind of LAN was it :rofl:


Sounds like a cool experience. I may have to come up with a portable lan rig when I get a few more paychecks and head to one of these lan parties.

If you are going to fly, buy a gaming laptop.


Possibly even if not flying, since with a laptop there’s little to no setup and you can be mobile (like unplugging to move tables and stuffs like that without turning off your PC)
You don’t need muh best graphs all the time you know what I mean?
Just don’t get one with bad airflow, those things can get real hot after a few hours.

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I like that idea, very little setup. Less strain of moving stuff.

It could double down as some gaming on a plane as well which could be neat.

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Just remember that all LAN parties have a smell of weed, body odour and red bull.

You eventually learn how to tune it out.

Also noting that is one person has some the lurgy, within 24 hours everyone else has :stuck_out_tongue:

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