LAN for a new house?

I think he is referring to Cat 6a. And, cable choices aside, has otherwise offered good advice.

I would avoid Cat 7 cable it has no benefits for this application and will destroy your budget. According to Wikipedia, it’s not even a recognised standard.

However, in 2008 Category 6A was ratified and allows 10 Gbit/s Ethernet while still using the traditional 8P8C connector. Therefore, all manufacturers of active equipment and network cards have chosen to support the 8P8C for their 10 Gigabit Ethernet products on [2] copper and not the GG45, ARJ45, or TERA. These products therefore require a Class EA channel (Cat 6A). As of 2017 there is no equipment that has connectors supporting the Class F (Category 7) channel.

Category 7 is not recognized by the TIA/EIA.

STP is also not worth the cost for this application. Unless there is some serious interference, which I wouldn’t expect in a well planned new build, UTP is more than fine. If not terminated correctly the shielding can do more harm than good.

Long story short… Go with Cat 6

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For the IP cameras, you will want POE. A used Cisco switch may be a good option.

I have a Linksys LGS318P switch that I have a couple wifi poe access points and poe cameras connected too, might want a switch with more ports tho. LGS528P or 552P for a Managed POE+ switch.