LAN Community Game Streams Thread

So a bunch of the community members here have been doing a weekly show called the LAN (you can find the rest of them by searching #thelan ) on Sundays. Now we have decided to open up our discord and have a community (even more that is lol) based stream each Friday night from 7PM CST, to around 11PM CST (maybe ending later, or earlier it depends on the games and who's playing, etc.) but that is the times we'll shoot for.

Where will this happen? Over on just like the LAN is.

When? Starting this Friday, with anyone who would like to join in. After that every week unless something comes up, in which case we'll let you know.

So here is the Discord invite link if you are interested in joining:
The rules are pretty simple: Swearing is OK to an extent, don't go crazy with it though. The only things that will get you kicked are trying to argue politics, and making race jokes/comments/etc.
Otherwise it's basically common sense. If you need clarification, ask the mods on the discord.

Game list:
Well, most anything really, it will be decided a few days before either in a poll here or on twitter. More than likely here for now. But we do have an idea of at least some of the games that are good to play with a lot of people:
-Battlefield 1
-Just cause 3
-Double Action: Boogaloo
-Dark Souls
-7 Days to Die
-Civ V
-World Of Tanks
-Fistful of Frags
etc... (list may be updated at a later date).

Now lets have some fun :D


random gif not meant to be serious in any way shape or form lol


sounds familiar

1.that is pre texit
frickin 2013 lol

2 this will be every week
should be anyway


Add dirty bomb to the requested list. Its a free to win and its truly a free game. though there is completely optional and NOT required microtransactions they are cosmetic(you can get same cosmetics in case drops every few games) and merc purchases only and do not affect the game play at all as each card was made to keep a balance between mercs as best as possible. Also mercs can be bougjt earning ingame credits so if u play long enougj like me then u can earn all 19 mercs. But u get 2 starter mercs and theres always 3 extra on rotation

They have 8 v8 servers so 16 players at a time and 3 game modes

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Two games I would suggest to add:
Goldeneye Source -

OpenRA - Open Source Online Multiplayer Red Alert

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  • Battlefield 1
  • Just cause 3
  • Borderlands
  • GTA V
  • Double Action: Boogaloo
  • Dark Souls
  • Chivalry
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Civ V
  • World Of Tanks
  • Warthunder
  • Fistful of Frags
  • TF2
  • Dirty Bomb
  • Goldeneye Source


Votes are public.

For today.
Will probably pick top two or three.


I don't see hardcore run of diablo 1, Age of empires 2, StarCraft or dota 1

Plebs smh


No multi vote booo

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i could make a new one

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So far GTA V is leading. K.

MMM Souls would be good to watch, and Warthunder also :3

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I love bollywood

Sooo it ended up only being me and @kewldude007
was fun anyway lol:

le bump
whoever want to play today comment below and what game