Lakka or EmulationStation

Wanted to know what is best to use.
I myself know RetroPie on Rasp is cheaply in purchase and works good (but only works on Raspberry Pi). Which is emulator-station but easier to use.
But its based on EmulationStation this runs on every device itself.

But Lakka a new edition has gotten some fame. It looks cleaner and neater because of its PS3 theme. So want to know which is best. So far i know they both support same emulators going from Apple II to N64 (or i overlooked some).

  • EmulationStation
  • Lakka


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Also i just want opinions from people who used both.

I prefer laka to RetroPi because I dont want to buy a pi to run this, i just want a vm or a separate ssd with it

And Lakka to EmulationStation purely on aesthetics

hmm yea that is indeed issue if you don't own a RaspPi.
So you do this inside a VM? that is first time i hear that.

Well why not? Its not like these consoles need my Fury XD

(just a thing, I havent done this, I havent had time to game at all recently, its just what I plan to do, maybe it wont work. I dont see why not though, 512MB of VRAM that Openbox lets you give a VM should be more than enough)

yeah i know "why not" XD... it's weird but never though of it that way. (I use vm's everyday).

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I just dont play retro games enough to warrant a full machine for them. I just dabble in some contra every now and then

that is why i like raspberry. Just Switch a sdcard and your media centrum is a game console.

I dont see the point of media centers (but thats cause I live in a one room apartment alone so my pc is just my everything, having multiple machines would be a waste of space)

I do everything behind my pc too, but i just got a Rasp here attached to a different screen. It's small and does it job when i need to watch anything i want and i can turn on and of my pc without my movie or program would stop.

Lakka because of retroarch

Lakka is the official implementation of libretro/retroarch if I remember correctly. Kind of like Retroarch as a linux distro.

To be fair to Emulation Station, it's just a frontend for emulators. But since it is generally known for Retropie, I lump them both together.

My experience with both on the Pi 2 is that Lakka worked perfectly and automatically set up my ps4 controller and my usb Saturn controller for whichever system I played.
Retropie w/ emulation station on the other hand was a clusterfuck of different versions of emulators, some working well and some not, which I had to test to find the best options, and the controller set up was a goddamn nightmare.

I last tested retropie in late 2014, so it might be better now.

so lakka created it own emulators? or not just implemented the ones already existing?

Libretro is the implementation of the emulators, and Retroarch is the frontend that runs it.
Lakka is a Linux distro that boots directly to Retroarch.

Retropie does use some of the libretro cores too, but it had a bunch of other ones, and was just generally confusing and time consuming to get the backend working properly. As I said that was a somewhat earlier version of retropie though.

Libretro/retroarch has always been perfect on any system I run it, so I steer towards Lakka.

sounds good.