Ladies and Violent Gentlemen I am building a list of types of metal and when to listen to them please feed free to help

Here's is what I have so far:

Thrash metal while driving.

Black metal when going to bed.

Stoner Doom while reading.

Death metal when working out.

Power metal while slaying dragons.



When else do you listen to different types of metal?


Folk metal when chilling out 

Speed Metal for shagging

Progressive metal for "chilling"

Sludge Metal for when you have diarrhoea 

Math metal when you don't feel like thinking about music.

This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. Sometimes types of metal and moods/events just seem to make sense. Part of what makes the diversity in metal so interesting.

I actually really enjoy folk metal while working on software.

Can you expand upon what you mean by chilling? I tend to listen to progressive metal when I'm on long road trips.

Melodic Death Metal (Melodeath) - When you want to chill.

Technical Death Metal (Techdeath) - When you are pissed or upset.

Melodeath is my go to. About 50% of the metal I listen to is melodeath.

Same here. Though I also listen to stuff that "isn't" melodeath, but has a lot of melodeath influences. Ne Obliviscaris, for example, is my favorite band. They are "technically" some sort of prog, but I hear a lot of melodeath in their sound.

Oh cool, I like cross genre metal, I'll have to check them out.

I know for a fact that Logan appreciates them as well. You should also check out Animals as Leaders as well as Deafheaven. Some interesting metal there (though some people say that they aren't necessarily metal, they seem pretty "metal" to me).

Wait a minute, "Stoner/Doom while reading"?  Shouldn't it be Stoner/Doom while . . . getting stoned?

Groove metal while performing tedious tasks (I find it helps time fly by)

Pirate Metal whilst drinking or pillaging.