Lack of Kaby Lake benchmarks...(mobile CPUs)

The lack of mobile Kaby Lake benchmarks is pretty disturbing, I have no idea where an i3 7100U stands against an i3 6100U or the i5 4300U in terms of CPU and iGPU performance. I was hoping there would be enough info by now.

I know Kaby Lake didn't come out on desktops yet...but knowing where the new CPUs stand would help me decide on what to get.

It's going to be more or less the same as Skylake but slightly better, and slightly longer better life.
As the IPC is not that different.


I was hoping for more exact numbers for that CPUs (In all likely hood, it should be good enough), not to mention the iGPU cause as we know, iGPUs have improved fast. I never thought about gaming on iGPUs until 2013. Back in 2008 was really terrible.

On the desktop it's literally the same performance on the iGPU side so don't expect a massive increase. The Iris Pro may be better but thats only on certain chips so

I was referring to how much of a boost it is from Skylake to Kaby Lake on iGPUs, I know with desktops and laptops, it's basically the same.

i did find this, theres a lot of the 7xxxU series on

I see an i5 7200U but no i3 7100U, I can only guess it's between the i3 6100U (3851) and the i5 7200U (4782). By reference the i5 4300U is at 3736.

You should probably look at 3Dmark and gaming benches on a laptop site then. The HD 620 is a good improvement over the 520, but it's still behind the Iris 540.


Realistically, if there is any sort of performance difference (if the clocks are the same), it will be so small, that only benchmarks will be able to tell the difference. The real world performance will be same.

If you're planning on buying a new computer, don't bother waiting for kaby lake, and don't let that be the generation be the determining factor.

Just under R6 (Carizzo) Graphics too. And R6 graphics isn't far below R7 graphics.

Looks like Intel HD 620 is only a minor jump really from Intel HD 520.

I know, but I was looking at two laptops, one with an i3 6100U and the other with the new i3 7100U. The i3 6100U laptop was only $20 cheaper (around the $300 price range), but the one with the i3 7100U laptop had a 1080p screen and the other one had a 768p screen.

I figured the newer version would run better, This is part of my Christmas shopping, if I had slightly deeper pockets though, I wouldn't care for the integrated graphics as I would go for a discrete GPU like a GT 940MX or maybe a GTX 950M (like this one:

For $20 more, you should definitely get the 1080p variant. If you ever wanted to upgrade to that on your own, it would be a lot more than $20.

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Yeah, that's my thoughts exactly.

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