Lack of INBOX.exe

There has been no INBOX.exe in about 4 months. Have you stopped doing them?


+1 (maybe I just added a question XD)


Their schedule is probably packed which is why there hasn't been one in a while. Hopefully they are able to bring it back up soon.

I do believe they are not doing them anymore ... but I have been wrong before ... lol

Who are you their boss? they'll get to them when they feel like it.

Did I tell them to make one? No. I asked what happened to them, or if they have just stopped making them

exactly... anarekist... use the report buttons, and leave the moderating to the mods


We actually shot one a while back but haven't even had time to edit it. I said I wanted to do fewer products... but more and more keep coming out that seem pretty important... and that takes up a ton of time... Also, I don't want to flood our YouTube channel like some channels do. I guess my main idea is to maybe start doing products on the tek syndicate youtube channel... and all the shows, travel, etc. on razethew0rld. I would have to get someone else to help with the hardware videos. I think they are important... they just do take a ton of time.

Apart from the amount of time you have and the fact that you want to do less projects i'm pretty sure we'd all be fine if there were to be more uploads, well at least personally I know that I wouldn't get annoyed if more Tek Syndicate videos came out in a day. I'm still pretty sure that everyone'd be fine, I mean shit, look at Pewdiepie, he has 2 a day and no one complains and look at where he is now! haha. Though I know that that status isn't your main reason for this channel, but I digress.

Glad I was wrong.

Yes, In a way, all of us are the boss. In a round about way. With out all of us, there is not tek, Just like fans of a rock band are pretty much the boss. The band does not deliver, fans stop buying and coming to the show. Band goes and looks for day jobs. 

The Inboxes are actually my favorite videos. They answered a lot of questions I had. And I love how you would try to highlight questions that haven't been answered

i do miss the inbox series


I think this would be a great idea, Logan. Tek Syndicate can be the more professional channel with reviews, unboxings, Tek, etc, and then bring back some of the old classics of RTW on razethew0rld. I really do miss the off-topic and non-tech videos, and think that they have been something lacking in the last several months. I understand that product reviews take a long time, and that you have to make professional content to make your business model work, but it would be great to get back to the content that made Tek Syndicate what it is today. Also, I'd like to see some more of the How To Live videos and such, and they have a potential to sway thousands of Tek members to lead healthier, more holistic lives. That's just my 2 cents. Thanks for all you do, twRage96.

More Inbox for the people!!

I complained about this awhile ago, and a couple more Inbox.exe's came out.

Logan must be really really busy :L