L337 Gaming Motherboards?

Has anyone heard of these motherboards? I found a Z97 board that has some pretty decent features: M.2, two full 16x 3.0 PCI lanes(two at 8x), Intel Ethernet, and it's pretty cheap as well. 


$114 CAD with that rebate.


Looks like the new ASRock to me.

EDIT: It's even cheaper on the US newegg site.




All I know about them is that they are ECS's gaming motherboard line, so think what you will of that

I suppose it would be pretty good for a budget build with one of the new unlocked pentium cpu's.

I have never had ECS products but i havent heard anything good about them other than they are super cheap. Like foxcon stuff from back in the day it seems you get what you pay for with some of those companies.

The logo is clever, that is all I have to say here. Good day.