L1Tech KVM DP/USB-C with Windows Hello logon (facial recognition logon)

Hi All. Recently bought a 3 monitor/2 PC Level 1 Tech KVM with USB 3 10Gbps.
Everything seems to work fine (once i figured out the difference between the HID ports and the USB3 ports … and switch the K70 keyboard to BIOS mode for the hot-keys).

Anyway - one thing i cannot work out. Getting my Camera (Windows Hello compatible) working via the KVM. Windows Hello complains that it “cannot turn on the camera”. Devices works fine when not via the KVM. Camera works fine via the KVM for everything except Windows Hello.

Is this is known issue?

Camera is Dell Ultrasharp WB7022

I have the same camera. It works fine switching the KVM to my macbook but switching to windows it comes up as unrecognized USB device.

Haven’t found a workaround, only thing that seems to work is rebooting windows.

Hi @BamDokki - thanks for that. The camera itself works fine for me on both Win10 and Win11 — the USB device is recognised and works in everything except for the Windows Hello feature.

I had problems with logitech brio 4k, problem was solved when i connected it through powered usb3 hub.

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Thanks for the response.
Great idea so i tried it with a powered USB 3 5Gbs.
Didn’t help unfortunately - same problem symptoms persist.