L1T & Various Conventions - Would/Could/Should They?

Inspired by a derailing of this thread: Defcon 25

We’ve heard Wendell talk about Penguicon, but what about L1T attending/reporting on other conventions, such as, but not limited to, Defcon, SkyDogCon, and other cons that maybe don’t get as much coverage? This is maybe less of a “request” thread, and more of a “lets float the idea past the community and play the What-If game to see where it goes” thread.

Primer questions:
What cons do you think would be a good fit for the L1T community?
What cons do you think various L1T hosts would enjoy the most?
Besides corporate sponsorship, how could such coverage be funded?


Crowd funding. ( With us being the crowd. )

This is where a Patreon to save up enough to cover Defcon would really help, cause it’s the community that wants to see @Wendell at Defcon, so just throw money until it actually hapens.

Milk Raptor Con!
Make it happen.
It’s time.



He still has to come up with free time from a professional life, YouTuber or not you can’t just throw money at people and expect them to do what you want.

>but what about patreon, we are giving them money

Patreon is someone telling you Y will happen at X money, there is no Z. Now if they were to add another tier that includes cons then that is good and dandy.

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I guess that depends on the person. :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:



I’m just a failure, aren’t I? I don’t contribute good ideas and I’m just a loser I guess… Just stop. I have no time to be trolled on cause I’ve now lost some of my equipment required to complete my videos cause a former friend has it hostage.

There is no need to put yourself down over a simple misunderstanding.