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L1T User Reference Lookup Thread


AKA the L1t User Reference Lookup Table (LUT) because why not? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley_cat:

TABLE OF CONTENTS .This will also be at the bottom of the thread. Didn't know what would be easier for you guys.

Category Table of Contents

Because the software that the forum runs on does not all posts to be moved, a Table of Contents will be used to allow browsing of this thread to be easier.


People come here to seek help from our extensive list of knowledgeable users. But unfortunately many times they do not get the answer(s) they need, or realistically any answers at all, because the right ( or any ) people do not view the thread.

Now this could also be due to the fact that the creator of a thread does not include enough relevant information into the OP. If this is the case, even if you do not know the topic, please ask the creator of the thread nicely to add any and all relevant info to the OP.

Or it could also be because the creator of a thread has a title for his/her thread that is unclear. If this is the case, please ask the OP to rename the thread to something more relevant to what the creator is asking for from the thread.

What is the point of this thread? & How do I sign up?

This thread aims to be a sign up sheet for people to volunteer their knowledge and be ready to help others who have problems dealing with an area of their expertise.

Which basically means that this thread is a phone book, where the creator of a thread can reference this list of names and pick and choose who they want to come and help them. Alternatively, if the OP of a thread does not include a name or a list of names for help, please as a helpful user of the forums, add a user or some users to their thread.

To sign up, all you would have to do is find the category that you would like to help in and add your username. But please read the next section Signing Up ( Thread Organization ) to help keep all posts coherent to one another.

Signing Up ( Thread Organization )

I do want to have some sort of thread organization for this topic. So I’ll just have all of my posts be editable wikis and users will be able to edit themselves into the post category that fits them the best.

Please follow the format used byMr.O. (@oO.o):

As you can see, he signed up with his username under the category that he is able to be of help in( the CCNA category). He then stated his experience with the subject and gave exact details of what he knows under the umbrella of the subject.

He also entered his name and content under the blockquote forum feature.
To do this. Simply enter a carrot > and then start entering yourself and experience in.

 Example Code 

> @goalkeeper had MS office cert in 2013 for Office 2007. Can help with using that software.

As you can see, I used the carrot key at the beginning, so that the end result will look like this.

@Goalkeeper had MS office cert in 2013 for Office 2007. Can help with using that software.


Now even if you sign up and you’re not @'d and you have knowledge with the subject please do not think that you are not wanted. Please do enter the thread and attempt to help or provide insight if you can.

If you are @'d ( and even if you are not), please provide as much help as possible to the creator of the thread. And if you feel as if you are starting to become less and less helpful or if the topic is starting to enter a space that you do not know, do not be afraid to tell that to the creator of the thread and @ someone else from this list if possible.

Again, hopefully, users will reference this when creating a thread, and @ people. Or hopefully, someone will @ someone for the creator of the thread.

Cleaning Up

Once you have successfully helped out the OP and he/she has no more questions or problems please @ a user that is a regular leader or mod to edit the title of the thread to say [SOLVED]. Of course, the [SOLVED] goes before the title of the thread.


[SOLVED] How do I add a new user to Windows 10?

A leader or a mod may also come in, even if not tagged, and close the thread if they think that that is the best course of action for the thread.

Opting Out

Now I can imagine this becoming annoying for people tho… So please remove yourself at any time if this becomes the case. In the case that someone does opt out, please be respectful and do not continue to @ them into threads in the future.

I Have A Question Or A Category Request

If you have a question or you see that there is a category missing from the list please bring that up in the discussion thread. I hope to address any and all questions as well as fulfill the category requests as soon as I see the post.

Table of Contents

Category Table of Contents

Because the software that the forum runs on does not all posts to be moved, a Table of Contents will be used to allow browsing of this thread to be easier.


Hello all! I am glad to see that you are here.

Helpers by protocol here

Example: @discobot has experience configuring 802.1X with FreeRADIUS, Certificate-base OpenVPN tunnels and transport, BIND DLZ and SNORT.

Cisco helpers here

@oO.o had CCNA 2004-2007 for whatever that’s worth. Forgotten most unused knowledge (ex: frame relay), but retained much of the OSI Model and TCP/IP. Still crimps RJ45 and hooks up patch panels with a punch down tool on a regular basis, including 10G Cat6A.

Ubiquiti helpers here

@Eden Tiny bit of improving knowledge here on the UniFi equipment.

@oO.o uses both EdgeMax and Unifi equipment in production (and at home).

@sgtawesomesauce uses Unifi at home and has experience with past EdgeMax hardware in production.

Mikrotik helpers here

Misc Network helpers here

Ubuntu helpers here

@oO.o uses Ubuntu for specific services that are easier to deploy or intended to run on it (headless).

Linux Mint helpers here

Arch Linux helpers here

Solus Linux helpers here

@oO.o uses Solus Budgie as primary desktop (since early 2018).
@AdminDev uses Solus Budgie and is a patron to the project

KDE Neon helpers here

Fedora helpers here

@Dje4321 Has Moderate Knowledge

@eden :heart: Fedora

@AdminDev enjoys the Fedora family of RHEL

@oO.o occasionally uses Fedora both with Gnome and headless.

@sgtawesomesauce is very familiar with Fedora.

elementary OS helpers here

Debian helpers here

@AdminDev my primary battlestation and current KVM host. Please let me know if you have any questions.

@oO.o occasionally uses Debian, most commonly in the form of Raspbian Lite.

CentOS helpers here

@oO.o first choice for most headless server applications. Moderate experience.

@eden :heart: CentOS (and RHEL)

@AdminDev Used CentOS for a long time (current professional stack is Amazon Linux which is derived from CentOS).

Manjaro Linux helpers here

Misc Linux helpers here

FreeBSD helpers here

@AdminDev I’ve installed the operating system, configured Gnome and Nvidia graphics. I can offer a decent bit of assistance, I think. Still learning as I go.

OpenBSD helpers here

NetBSD helpers here

FreeNAS helpers here

oO.o uses FreeNAS for simple file sharing and backup.

NAS4Free helpers here

PFSense helpers here

@AdminDev I’ve used pfSense as a lab router and in a professional capacity for about a year.

OPNSense helpers here

oO.o has experimented with OPNSense.

TrueOS helpers here

macOS helpers here

@wviets Experienced with Mac repair, installation of MacOS, Time Machine, and much of the Apple ecosystem. I also have experience building Hackintoshes, including AMD-based systems.

Misc BSD helpers here

Linux Desktop Environments
KDE helpers here

Gnome helpers here

@eden :heart: GNOME
@AdminDev :heart: GNOME – I’ve also done a bit of development for the project (some simple JavaScript, don’t get excited :wink: )
@wviets Has been using and customizing GNOME for 2 years.

Mate helpers here


oO.o uses it on Solus.


lxde helpers here

lxqt helpers here

Linux Window Managers
openbox helpers here

i3 helpers here

@devadmin I can offer a bit of assistance as far as setting up the config file, getting wallpapers on different workspaces, optimizing workflow, things like that.

icewm helpers here

FVWM helpers here

awesome helpers here

fluxbox helpers here

General helpers here

@wviets Has been working at a repair shop for 2 years. A+ certified, experienced with Microsoft Office, knowledgeable on common Windows issues and fixes, and familiar with most admin tools and programs.

3D Printing
General helpers here

Headphone helpers here

Amplifier helpers here

DAC helpers here

Speaker helpers here

General helpers here

@sgtawesomesauce has a breadth of general knowledge in general modern automotive repair and modification, focused around powertrain and paint care.





micro electronics helpers here

@mazeframe is working with electronics and soldering as a hobby.