[L1T] See You In Heck, 2020 End of Year Live Stream

Come join the Level1Techs 2020 End of Year Livestream :grin:


Banner broke, but :man_shrugging:


shameless banner i like it.


still working on my end…

I literally can’t change the video for a link, didn’t want a huge video on everyone’s screen.

Must be the Discourse Vision™


Press space before the video link or pre tags i think

Seems like it may be a cache thing, opening the forum in a new sneeki breeki window shows just a link.

sure enough new tab and its a link not a video.

kek those prenda law baffoons lv1 reported on years ago are trying to run copywrite troll schemes from prision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8MCcyjWNac


Lol, the alcohol is starting to hit them.


just a touch.

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From the Future, Happy New Years. Hope its a good one.


great stream guys thanks for doing this live. happy new year and to another year of fun.

Happy new year everyone!

One pig of a year has gone, let’s hope for a better future and work for it too.
Thanks for all the great and positive interactions I’ve had throughout the year. Still my favourite place to come and discuss tech any day, every day.

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Stream over!

Thanks for joining!

Happy New Years everybody!


In the article one guy said:

Bad actors such as terrorists are more likely to be found on smaller platforms and websites they build and control themselves – not the big tech platforms the government’s proposals are targeting

And another said:

will have a disproportionate impact on competitors and benefit big companies with the resources to comply

So which one is it?

Why not both? It’s saying that the bad content will be on small sites that no one can reach a real person and big sites can deal with it.

Sites like level1 where we are not super anonymous are not judgement proof in this scenario. Vs say a website hosted off residential dsl in Ethiopia

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