L1T Monopoly club

Similar to @BookrV’s Level1Chess club, but instead this one is for monopoly.

Once you create a game, you can invite users by sending them a link. Or you can just come here and post the link here to of course play with basically just about any L1T forum member.


Ooohhh I loved playing monopoly on the ps3.

If this can handle not being around and save the game that would be great, I have not checked it yet. I am usually on the far side of the time zones to everyone else.

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Monopoly is cool, i have the original board game still.
And also a couple of other variants of the board game aswell.


Can’t get into a game, so I don’t know if it has save files. If not I will find another site. Because save files are huge. When I created the thread, I didn’t even think about having save files…

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