L1T KVM 1.4 DP HID not turning off Mouse/Keyboard RGB

I have a GMMK pro and Glorious D- wired mouse.

Everything work correctly on both the HID and USB 3.0 ports except for the RGB lighting on both.

If I connect to HID ports, whenever the computer goes to sleep, the RGB lights still stay on. If I connect them to the USB 3.0 port, then the light goes to sleep whenever the PC goes into sleep. Any thoughts on how to fix this ?

Hi :slight_smile: I moved your post to the KVM helpdesk category, please post here in the future to make sure we can get back to you.

The HID and USB 3.0 ports are different with how they actually work. My guess is that this is a result of proprietary firmware being used that in turn makes it behave differently in the HID ports, unlike the hard cutover blue USB 3.0 ports that tend to be more compatible.

Hm, tbh, I’d just give one of these a go. Flipping the individual USB switch should make the LEDs turn off. This hub is USB 2.0 as well, so hopefully it is HID compliant. If you buy this hub, please check if your keyboard hotkeys work when plugged into it, if so I’ll add it to my list of HID-compatible items.