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it’s literally the worst color though, it’s like old people blue… I’ve been thinking about it though and have seen that one. it’s like a half hour from my work might check it out soon if i don’t find something else i like


There’s one (same style and color) in my area that somebody modded a bit and it looks okay to me.

I think it has smoked headlights, smoked taillights, dark rims, tint, and it looks like the chrome trim pieces are either wrapped or painted black. Sounds like a piece of shit though, I can hear the exhaust leak on the fart can from my car.


something-something, I’m a fucking idiot and forgot the keys when I went to pick up the car. The pictures will have to wait until thursday.

Ugh, I hate myself now…


I actually really like the outback/legacy wagons though… the newer gen before they went SUV like the one you linked is pretty cool I’d probably do the JDM BP5 tailights/tailgate to spice it up




My mother had an 07 Legacy (sedan) for a while and they’re pretty nice cars.


Yes!!! I need another Volvo enthusiast in here. Though unless that thing runs like a top I wouldn’t give him $800 for it.
I’ve heard the Volvo RedBlocks have some forged internals.

Got any V70 T5s around you… Better yet see if you have any 960s or V90s (extremely rare with manual though).

Or how about a Mitsubishi Evo wagon. I really want to import one of those.


Welding is hard. My buddy welds military jets. He’s on leave and is helping me out here. I provide the welder, beer, and food, and he is welding everything for me. He has me torching the steel we need. I can hardly do that. My cuts are a mess. lolol. I can at least set the torch up nice and proper.


Today was racing game binge day. I haven’t gamed much in a few weeks.

I gave one final try to get my excellent Logitech MOMO wheel to work with Win10 drivers. It should work, but No Luck. After trying to fix the fully functional in Win7 device for years, I am going to order a Thrustmaster TMX race wheel.

I played F1-2012, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), Split Second, Dirt 2, Road Redemption, Project CARS and Rocket League. RL is having a Summer Special Event, points for prizes giveaway.
I only wanted the keyak and decided to make a new summertime car when I got the Rainbow flag at random.

Random Funny pic I found to go with the Gay Pride month flag.


I suppose I should fire it up again…


Hagerty starting to have some fun with the stop motion in the time lapses


Hay… That looks familiar.

My 1969 Kawasaki Trail Boss.

Dat carb placement though.


There’s an MG MGB for sale not too far from me.

I desire.

There’s also a mint condition Ford Pontiac Fiero with under 2000 miles, recall notices and everything!


Mgb? Ad? Please link.

Wait, Ford Fiero? I thought that was a Pontiac thing…


MG’s are pretty cool. I have a friend that has an MGB GT.


I was thinking the same thing, but I forgot to mention it.

Edit: Found it /s


Hell, I’d buy one of those at Fiero prices. :smiley:


You’re right, Pontiac Fiero.

My brain was crossing the names of the Ford Pinto and Pontiac Fiero.


So it turns out there’s more than one, there’s more like four MGs.

A couple old Porsches


And this beauty…


Damn, that’s a treasure trove! (well, short of the 80’s porsche’s, not a fan of them)

Those MGB’s look pretty okay, body-wise. Ooh, that black one for $3150 looks like an absolute steal.