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Wow that’s cheap, but I’m too impatient.


I agree. The problem is not that it’s too much for the service, but that it’s too expensive, full stop.

I can’t justify dropping 8k on my daily to make it do burnouts better when I already have a race car. Especially when I’m trying to buy a house.



Can’t focus on work today because car parts


Found out the new guy in support drives a blob eye STI. :roll_eyes:


So, car parts came in finally, new clutch, flywheel, diff bushings, pressure plate and a coolant reroute kit so I can get proper cooling for turbo time. it’s time put the car up on jacks and do some serious work on it.

You’ve got a noisy subframe? Not for long!

Diff moves in it’s mounts? Not after this weekend, it won’t.

Clutch slips too much to do burnouts? Hah, this new one will hold twice the torque!


Friendship ended with VW GTI, Now Saab 9-3 Aero is my best friend.




@KemoKa73 pics or shens, where the car at?


for 2 grand it probably needs a buff and wax pretty badly before showing it off :smile:


Driver side rear quarter looks really rough. If it’s rust, I’d move on, if it’s not, you’ve got a good candidate for a project car.

Have I ever told you how much I love 240s?

That said, I’m not sure what your market looks like, but that seems a bit high for my area.


I have no special attachment I just want a 5 speed wagon.

it’s high here too I wouldn’t pay more than a grand for the kind of shape it’s in and that’s pending milage. if it’s in the 200k range I wouldn’t bother.


They’re super fun, plus, they’re great candidates for a Ford 302 swap.


Those things go forever. As long as it’s been maintained somewhat decently, 240k on a 240 isn’t anything to scoff at.


I’m aware of that but with the amount of work it needs it need to have some sort of decent perk.

This is kinda cool.


I was behind on of those a few weeks ago.

Think about how many b**che$ you can fit in the bed!

Maybe two small ones? The truck is actually smaller than a second gen Impreza.


Maybe 1 more than can fit in my car


I like them Auschwitz bitches.


If they’re dwarves you can double up!


@SoulFallen I found your 5-speed wagon.

That isn’t a bad price if the underside isn’t rusted to shit. Having an extra set of rims is nice too.