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I’m glad everything has seemingly gone very smoothly. Also welcome to the forced induction Club. Nothing like a little Turbo BOV to make just about anyone giddy inside.

What? You mentioned something about a Mini and next thing I know you’re just slipping it in all sly like that you got it.
Looks good. I’ve always liked the way they looked.
Congratulations man!

Volvo’s have been here since the very first post.

Those are some impressive holes.


I gotcha fam… Most of these are reposts.

Excessive pictures posting

This should look familiar to you.


Me too!

My Dad is a super cheap penny wise & pound foolish, bailing wire & duct tape handyman.
Our neighbor was an anal carpenter who cut his lawn with hair clippers and his house was perfect.
My Dad’s ways drove him and me crazy.

Mr Wood always had a nice Chevy work truck.
He bought them new and kept them in perfect condition for years until he got the next one.

This mid 1970’s Stepside comes to memory…


The wife has a scoobydoo brz. These desperately need more umph. A v6 would be worth the sacrifice in handling.

We drove it through the mountains and windy roads in Arizona and Colorado visiting the grand canyon. Its a super fun car but a dud in the power dept.


I met a mechanic who turboed his so much it scared the hell out of him. He said his had 500HP!?
He sold it and the next guy stuffed it into a tree a week later.

Although a WRX turbo engine wont fit, it seems like a WRX level of power would be a good option from Subaru. But alas, it will never happen.


Nothing a little bondo won’t fix…




Watch me saw this car in half!


You can use them normally.


Mark Donohue is my favorite driver. He was a mechanical engineer and taught Roger Penske how to set up a car. He took a year off from racing to study it and write a book called The Unfair advantage. This is good racing video with the same name.

If you look real close you can see Lime Rock, Connecticut. I Love my home sports car track. Been to the Memorial day races a Lot. My buds and I would always climb the fence and sneak into the pits.


I was having a discussion about this the other day. They really wanted their 180 degree V4 in there. They could definitely upgrade that to a 180 degree V6 if they wanted. I’ve worked on them before, well, the FRS variant, but I digress… They desperately need closer to 300hp. The major problem is that it’s a wonderful platform that handles incredibly, but to keep costs down or whatever, they decided to put an engine in it that makes about as much as a baby winding a jack in the box. :frowning:


Cheers. Just got the temp plate. 20 days to register, 10 days to inspect.

Reminded me of how much I despise love going to the DMV.


Sooooo… I just realized that Weistec Engineering is in my back yard.

I’m not saying I’m going to call them, but I’m getting “the itch” in regards to the Benz.

That said, I’m sure this is going to hit me right in the wallet.


Pretty much all I can do to my new car is to swap the 2.0l to a 2.5l. I’d gain 25 hp and 30 ft. lb., but I’d probably be out a couple thousand dollars :frowning:
If I had money I’d totally put together something exciting.


S10 update:
Playing around with colors for my gauge cluster.
Scraped the original color off the back of a needle and painted it white so I can test out different LED colors.
Far from perfect, but it’s an extra needle for testing.

Few more colors

The needles will be painted a similar color as the LEDs (still haven’t decided).


make it RGB and then put an obligatory Razer or Corsair logo on it /s


I talked to Weistec and they make a supercharger for my 3.5L that should be able to put my E350 near 450hp if I get the injector option on the kit. It’s also carb legal.

They want 8 for the installation. I understand that it’s an awesome service and feature, but I’m just not able to pay that kind of money right now.

Oh, to own an E63.

We need RGB in cars these days. Hell, the new E class have it.


I’m actually thinking about that haha. RGB light strips are very cheap, and it wouldn’t be too hard to mod the lights in.

Edit: Done deal.


Aliexpress. If you can wait a month for them to arrive. 5 meter 60leds/m RGB 5050 led strip is $5.95 free shipping.

Crack for nerds?


$8k for parts and labor and everything? That isn’t horrible, especially if it’s a good job. But $8k is also a non-trivial amount of money.


I’ve had… moderate success with Aliexpress. So long as my expectations are kept nice and low (read: non-existent) then often I’m met with a pleasant surprise that whatever I’ve bought isn’t actually a total piece of shit.

Maybe that’s a bit harsh, a fair amount of their stuff is pretty neat. You just have to throw all expectations of warranties, QC and claims of features out the window.