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I have a signed title and bill of sale. The car is still in Hudson because it needs temporary plates. I bring the car home tomorrow.

Question for the floor: Are 20-day temporary plates only for transit or can you use them normally until they expire? or does this depend on the state?


Man what I really need in here is another Volvo enthusiast, but I’ll take what I can get. Welcome potential fellow Swedish car owner.

I don’t really know anything about Saabs.


A common theme I’m seeing is that almost nobody knows anything about Saabs, and the people who know are obsessed with them. :man_shrugging:



It should be legal to drive it till it expires (wouldn’t make much sense to have an expiration date if you couldn’t drive it till then IMO). I know for a fact it is here.


I’m not sure about the 93X but the 92X is a WRX with different body panels. They call it the Saabaru. We’re all subaru junkies here so I’m probably preaching to the choir but it’s just a funky little quirk of the automotive industry.

I love it when it turns out that “this car is actually one of THESE with a different trim”


Same with Volvo. I’ve looked at a few Saabs since I love Volvo so much, but I haven’t gotten one.


I’m not one yet. I’m willing to try it, but it’s got to beat the Volvo Type R (obtainable dream car) 300hp, AWD, 6 speed manual, and extremely comfortable.

Ok, it doesn’t have to beat It. I’m sure I’ll like them either way.


I figured this was the case but I just wanted to check. I talked to my dad about it and he was kinda >:3 about it. Though it does seem silly that they have an expiry date if they’re just used for in-state transit.


I can’t think of a reason why you couldn’t use them until they expire?

I know in Maine you can use them until they expire, at which point the car either needs to have been registered at your local town office or deal with the inevitable tickets.


I look forward to seeing pictures of your new car, and seeing what you have in store for… Probably after you recuperate your money.


Certainly going to need to swap those steelies out, or at least to relegate them to winter duty.


This is a lot more reassuring. New Hampshire probably does it the same way. At least we’re not Massachusetts, lol.

Copious pictures are inbound. Copious, I tell you.

Yes. My wallet hurts. But it’s a good kind of hurt, like waking up with tired muscles the morning after working out and exercising hard. I managed to get the cost of the access port knocked off, not as good a deal as I had originally hoped, but definitely not as firm on the price as I thought he might have been, and bought new those things are expensive, a lot more expensive than $200. I’d like to think I did alright for my first time buying a car… We’ll see how the engine holds out. The price it was at was thanks to that salvage title. In any case, the owner was the nicest, most laid back and genuine guy ever. I definitely could not have asked for a better first experience buying a car. That’s definitely worth something to me.

Hopefully you guys’ evaluation of it is favorable once you get a better look. I know the car’s gonna need a fair amount of cash to get it working properly again. Just hoping most of that will come after it passes its inspections.




I remember the good old days. When it was 370’s and Miatas in the Automotive thread. Now it’s all Minis and Subarus.




I could fill it with motorbikes if you prefer. On that note, I actually have car related stuff this time. gotta fix some holes for the inspection.


Just 1 mini :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah… basically Subaru owners club up in here lately


With the added bonus of: We like tons of other cars too. Love me some 70’s Cheyennes.


Yay, not Subaru stuff!



The cheyenne has a special place in my heart because I almost could have gotten one a few years ago. My grandpa has a '72 cheyenne rotting in his yard. Loads of it would have to be replaced no doubt, but my uncle kinda whined that he wanted it, so… at the time I wouldn’t have been able to afford the gas to get it home anyway, rofl.