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Take the plates off a different car and don’t get pulled over?

I don’t think my family has ever gotten temp plates for a private sale/purchase.


it’s a fair way away and has plates but not a current inspection sticker. All it has is the paperwork that shows that it has passed inspection after getting “totaled”. I’ve been pulled over before because the cop couldn’t see the sticker (guy who replaced my windshield put it under the tint) so I don’t really want to risk it.


In CA, the prior owner leaves the plates on. Just drive it like you own it and don’t get pulled over. If you do, however just tell them that you just bought it and you’re driving straight home. They can look up your address and the prior owners address. I’m not sure what cop will ticket/whatever you for driving a car you just bought home.

Obviously, it’s your choice though.

If engine braking is going to help a lot, those brakes are really bad.


Here they’re generally pretty alright (I’ve been pulled over 3 times and as many years and all were for non-ticketing problems like brake lights) but it’s really luck of the draw as far as I’ve seen. I will happily pay the town office $10 and wait a day to most likely not have to deal with the police in any way shape or form.


Apparently my car also needs a rear speed sensor that is $192 and is not covered under the warranty left on the car from Subaru.

The used car place I got the car from should cover it under their warranty, but I’m not sure if it would be worth it after driving 47 miles there, waiting for it to hopefully get fixed, then 47 miles back most likely on the weekend.


Seriously? That’s odd.

50 miles isn’t too bad. Not sure I’d do it, but you’ve got a choice to make. Pay the $200 or spend the time to go get it fixed.


Not 100% sure, but I think it’s legal here (Idaho) as long as you have the title, bill of sale, and drive straight home (my insurance company even covers it till the next business day).
I know when I was delivering cars to dealers from an auto auction, they never put plates on them, and I never had a problem.


Mine covers 12 days from sale.

The laws are really lax regarding registering a car after purchase/trade, from what I’ve seen.


I need to find time to change my rotors/brake pads and flush the brake fluid soon.

Pretty sure my rotors have some warp to them… can feel pulsing when braking from >80mph.


That’s Idaho for ya. Everyone’s usually super chill, and the car culture is excellent as far as I’ve seen - I went to a 4th of July parade in Soda Springs - holy crap, the cars there were fantastic. I Always have the urge to go to a scrapyard when I’m over there.

(My extended family is half a dozen generations of Idaho stock. I’ve been there a good number of times. In some ways it strikes me as being the New Hampshire of the west. )


At the end of the video he asked for stories of your most expensive ticket.

I moved to Ohio by driving my Subaru WRX out here. I did the usual change of address forms and stuff. About 2 months later I am on the on-ramp to the highway when a guy in a hooptie Chevy Cavilier thought it was a good idea to race me. When we entered the corner he slams the brakes.

Me> “WRX’s don’t need to slow down for corners!”

I drifted past the cop doing 85MPH. He was rather upset and having a windshield header that read - ‘SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT’ in a reverse ambulance font didn’t help. I gave him my license and insurance. A few days later I found out that my insurance company had sent a bill for $3 to my previous address, cancelled my insurance and it would cost $5,700 to reinstate it.

I lost my license for a year.


Almost forgot, but with being a Subaru driver in the Northeast means that you pretty much need to experience WBM at least once in your life.

It’s coming up soon, June 24th…


The Brembo replacement rotors I had put on recently seem decent. They were very reasonably priced too.


Ended up getting the following… just gotta get time to install it all…


This is why I’m glad I have a drag strip 2 miles from my house. I like my hopefully-soon-to-be WRX but my intention is not to street race beyond perhaps, occasionally, maybe the Exit 11 ramp onto the NH-101 West - which everyone drag races on to get in front before the lanes merge.


Checked the date and eeeeyep, it’s a Sunday. Go figure. Sundays aren’t a thing for me. And it’s in CT, so… yep, nope.


They used to hold it in Mass, maybe they’ll move it closer again in the future?

As it is it’s a big ol’ sausagefest of Subaru bros, but it’s still pretty neat seeing thousands of Subarus from stock to legit race cars all in one place.


Dang, those are fancy brakes. Those two rotors cost as much as the entire 4-wheel entire brake replacement on my car cost.


yay… waves a Fuji Heavy Industries flag

It would no doubt be super cool, but I do like car meets where you have everyone bringing in all sorts of sweet rides. Nothing like the classic cars people bring to meets and parades.


Should be worth it