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Just ordered another couple hundred bucks worth of bolts, nuts, shifter/selector cables ends and the shifter relay lever, and other miscellaneous stuff. Very complicated to do an auto to manual swap.

Just waiting to hear back from the TDI guru guy to see when he’ll have a weekend free to do it.

Generally the way he does the side work is I’ll “help” and I’ll pay him for some time/labor/misc missed parts. We did the timing belt job like that. The most recent time I needed work done (changing the burnt up alternator) I parked in his driveway and he worked on another project and came over every once in a while to show me what to do next.


Very cool! It’s nice when you can have someone knowledgeable present.
I would love to see some pictures as you go through this build.

Not sure how much you follow this thread, but I’m currently working on a manual swap. I just got the interior back together (except the seats and center console), but I still need to put the trans in.


I ordered an amplifier. I can’t decide if I should install it in the old car that has upgraded speakers or if I should install it in the new car that will have the stock speakers for a couple more weeks at least.

Maybe install in the old car and jump for a 5 channel for the new car later…


This afternoon, I’m going to be tackling the dreaded suspension clanks.

I have to drop the diff out of the car and replace the bushings. Probably going to do the engine mounts at some point in the future as well. Gotta check to make sure my blowtorch has fuel :metal:

Also going to be doing my annual “tightening of the coilovers” because I’m getting a lot of noise from different spots in the car.


My favorite one.


Classic Chevy Nomad


@The_Russian_Spoider how fast does your bike go, and how fast have you taken it?
I was showing a co-worker it and they really like it.


The top speed is something like ~150mph ish. So slower then a 600cc but torque inbetween a 600 and a 1000. I’ve taken it to around 130 but not much more. Really just revving it out from a stop is the most fun on it. Vtec is great on a bike + v4 noises. Arguably the best engine layout for a bike. I’ve not raced a 600cc on this bike. Not sure how it holds up. Far far more low end torque and then vtec kicks in with the powerband, but it weights 550lbs not 350-400lbs. And the 1000cc bikes make double the hp a bit more torque with 450lbs. So a rather calm example of a sportbike.


Any of you follow Vinwiki at all? The stories on here are great.


It’s amazing what 13 years does for cars.


Congratulations! What’s your first impressions?


Makes them gayer?

I hate new car styling they all look like baloons and weigh 1000+ pounds too much for what they are. Car safety laws definitely aren’t doing any favors either. I like the one on the left :wink:


It’s smooth, but still a kinda sporty. I think the worst part of the ride are the tires, but they’re almost new tires so I’m not going to complain too much. The 2.0L has no guts, but it’s enough to get up and go. Theoretically it should decent gas mileage too.

Overall it should make for a much nicer daily compared to its older sibling.

I too like the one on the left, but 28 miles each way to work and back through sometimes stop and go traffic gets tiresome in that car. The only real problem with the new one is that the engine isn’t all that powerful. I think if it had an FB25 in it rather than the FB20 it would be an amazing car. It rides nice, the steering is responsive, and it doesn’t sag and roll around like some hatches I’ve been in.


I hear that a lot about the newer N/A Subarus they’re turtles. To each their own though I drive the same distance as you do lowered on Coilovers I don’t mind it. If it makes you happier though and makes the commute more enjoyable that’s what matters i personally get bored in ‘cozy’ cars.


Depending on the quality of the speakers that the new car comes with probablly.


Ready for a book on my breakdown last night? I hope so. B/c youll all be getting it anyways. :smiley:

I managed to break down in the literal, most dangerous place in the city during rush hour after a baseball game let out @ 10:30

F my shift lever. Clutch too I think. My only guess is that either the ECU choked the fuel from overheating trying to get around in 3rd gear, or the aftermarket “performance” clutch didn’t last for shit. Not a big deal, other then I was in such a rough spot. Had to push it across a bridge and wait for state police. Who never came, they called the tunnel/bridge supervisor who shut the bridge down to let me push it into his little parking cubby in the tunnel. A (impound) tow service that the state called then came to get me and the bike and they took me just outside the tunnel to a garage lot for the big service trucks. Cant take me home, being the impounders, but they did not charge me either. Just got me out of the tunnel.
AAA at the time refused to tow me. What? A paid service? Most dangerous spot in the city. They refused. Said they cant tow a bike period. Despite there being a motorcycle plan that you pay for. I had cars not 1ft from me on either side whooshing past @90+ mph. I was lucky that the one behind me was paying attention and bought me time to get off and start running/pushing as best I could to somewhere even decent to sit until the tunnel was shut down for me.

I shut down the most popular route out of downtown twice last night. Left the bike in a lot, and Uhauled it back this morning. It is home now.


Really tried them out while I was doing some errands today.

Already have new speakers on order.


Wow, glad you’re OK.


Damn. Rough night huh.

That must have been scary, but I’m definitely glad you’re OK.


Anyone know of an LS2 for sale with or without t56 trans lemme know.