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Checked fluid level this morning, it was low. Still read on the end of the stick, but definitely lower than the “low” mark on the stick.

Topped it off before heading to work. Hopefully that fixes the problem. If not we will see if we can replace the speed sensor, the auto-zone tech says its an easy DIY fix.


Is it a manual?

If so, the clutch may be coming apart. If not, sounds like low fluid.

I have to agree with @Cobra92fs though, it’s best to get advice from a friend or someone else in person. There are so many variables and we could inadvertently send you in the wrong direction or give you advice that could damage the car more.


Man, I’ve gotten to a point where I can’t look the other way when it comes to Tesla’s problems. I really want to love that company, but they have got to get there shit together.


I attempted to make my Volvo breathe like Darth Vader. Didn’t come out as good as I’d like, but I still think it’s kinda cool, so I’mma share the video.


We are finally starting to get some decent looking electric vehicles. This one isn’t particularly stunning, but it’s definitely not a prius.

I think the major hurdle to me buying one is that there’s none that look good.


So, I let my little brother take my hauler out for the day and it comes back with no power steering fluid and a pretty serious ATF leak.

May is going to be a fun month. :confused:


That car and the Hyundai Kona is gonna sell like hot cakes in Norway.
I think they’re almost the same car.



If I need a crossover, I’d probably get one of those.


True for 99% of companies


Snapon truck;
So far I’ve bought $40 of Swaglok SS fittings for the auxiliary propane heater in the back of the truck as well as $47 for a new regulator for the same. I have a bunch of salvaged 3/8" SS tube. The cost for new copper or new rubber line would be about the same.
I also bought 2 new to me tires [$80 for the pair] and mounted them. No balance as yet. I put the almost brand new tires from my f250 onto the front, didn’t swap rims. This puts the tires out about 4 inches more than they should be but nothing hits.
The front end looks tight except for passenger side wheel bearing is loose.
Today I’m going to swap out the steering column and it should be good enough for the road.


I’m irritated because I was having a great day until someone hit my car.

Only minor damage, but still. I had just left the Doctor, and was in a good mood sitting in my car about to pull out. Some old dude parks next to me and scraped his bumper against my fender, leaving a big scratch and a little dent. I gave him the hands-ups ‘WTF!?’ signal. Then he gets out and dings my door with his door.

Grrrr! It’s not worth it to be fixed, but it’s gonna piss me off forever.
The worst part is he had no Idea that he hit me or why I was mad at him.
Until I pointed out a big streak of my paint on his car.

A classic case of a guy who is too old and feeble to be driving safely and should have his license taken away. If he hit me and didn’t notice, how many others has he / will he hit?


You should make a police report. He’s a danger on the road and if he didn’t even know he hit you, they might revoke his license.


My lie:

When I sold my first car. A 1969 VW beetle with rust holes in the floor A/C, a carbon monoxide heater, a semi-automatic gearbox in which only 2 gears were still working (1st and 3rd) and an engine that overheated to the point where it had iron fillings in the oil strainer and 10HP. Plus I used to drive it on the motocross track off of 6 foot jumps after it sorta died.

“It runs.”

The car looked great. Underneath it was ready for the crusher. I got suckered and I was only 18, so I didn’t feel too bad when I suckered the next guy who was in his 40’s. Caveat Emptor.


Turbo’s going in this month.

Definitely the best lie I tell myself every month.

One year, 4 months later, turbo still hasn’t been purchased.


On old V-dubs the oil cooler fan is in a shroud and it runs off of a shaft on the back of the generator (not alternator). On the drive back from univ the generator housing completely fell apart and the fan got stuck with the shaft still spinning. It made a helluva lot of noise, I had no electricity and the car was getting slower and slower. I stopped to check, but I couldn’t do anything and made it home. I had to replace the gen and fan.

But generators are weird. I didn’t read the instructions and killed the first one. I had some helpers that were like “This is easy. We don’t need instructions.” You have to short the terminals with a screwdriver because the generator in the box will spin a bit and build up a charge that will zap the circuits when you hook it up.


I think that the Kia Stonic looks a littlebit more clean.
But yeah they still can’t match the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. :smiley:

Only Alfa Romeo doesnt do EV’s… yet.


Did you buy a car yet?


Not yet.

But i got a few on the list that i´m going to look at soon.
Not the coolest ones, but generally reliable which is pretty important.
And of course low maintance costst.
I really love Alfa Romeo´s, but buying a cheap Alfa is guaranteed missery.
Because Alfa Romeo’s are pretty delicate cars, that aint cheap to maintain.
There will probablly be an Alfa in the future, wenn i have the money for it.

But for now i’m going for something that is a littlebit cheaper to own and maintain.


Speaking of buying a car, it looks like I’ve narrowed my search down to three or four. Really comes down to if I want to get an older and cheaper car or if I want to get a newer and more expensive car that might last me a little longer.


This is usually what I recommend if it’s gonna be your daily.