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I forgot I had that spare tail piece from the set when the guy didn’t make it right. Had to tear apart to seat cowl and the fairing a ways to make it fit. Kinda matches the rest of the bike now since its so beat up.

Looks like my radiator fan isnt blowing. Not sure if is the motor or a sensor/power cable. Got no error code plug on the bike. Just a jumper, so Ill probably have to take it apart to find out. But since I cant get a connector for the rear taillight (Hole harness or fuck off) I’ll probably bother a truck friend and have him help me bring it to a shop. Needs tires, so I can tack that on and the cooling I guess. I dont imagine itll be too expensive? O and I got the peg off. As it turns out, I just though about it wrong. I dont need the peg and stud bolt seperated, just off. So I took the nut off the back and pulled them through in one piece lol. EZ.

All cleaned up other then those three things. Still runs fine aside from the radiator fan not doing its job. Got to get a couple bolts and and there for the plastics again.


I think I found the coolest rims.


Looks like a tumble dryer


Looking for a dually wheel?


Finally got around to watch this. Turns out Magic the Gathering brought us Tesla.


I’ve been thinking about getting either a Tesla model 3 or Nissan leaf


Leaf still has option for full tax credit.

But the model 3 has farther range… and better performance ( if getting high end version)

Leaf is cheaper, But does have a 62kwh battery option now

Stale mate?


I personal am not a fan of the Model 3 interior to the point it ruins that car for me.

Leaf is I good simple and practical EV. Looks like they dropped the price since I last looked at them, but add the 62kwh option which starts at 36,550. That bigger battery also bumped down the 0-60 to around 7 seconds (can’t find exact time).

I’d recommend also considering the Chevy Bolt. It starts at 36,620 with a 60kwh battery, and it a bit quicker at 0-60 in 6.5 seconds.

The Leaf is more comfortable then the Bolt, but the bolt has a better infotainment center (IMO), and more cargo area.
The Bolts battery is thermally controlled (heated or cooled), which is better for very hot and cold days, and should give you the max 80watt lvl 3 charge for a longer time. The Leaf has a max 100watt level 3 charger, but last I checked it tapers off as the battery heats up (haven’t looked at the new 62kwh so this might not be a problem anymore.

TL;DR Model 3 is probably a grate car, but I don’t like it.
Nissan leaf (36,550 for 226 miles) is a very comfortable, practical and mature EV.
Chevy Bolt ($36,620 for 238 miles) is a very fun, with a better infotainment.

I’d recommend test driving them, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those options.

Not willing to go with used?


Every time this thread floats up to the top I keep thinking it says L1’s Garbage. lol

Here’s a car pic just so I stay on topic lol.


I can’t read “sti” without thinking herpes.


Though they’re the same spelling.


No tax credit if I did…


Hey man, I just got a new lsd!



True. I do feel EVs are a little over priced because of that credit.

How many miles do you drive in a day?


Was averaging about 70 until recently. Should be less now


Same. They took minimalism and went way overboard. Wheres my driver-centric dash? Where’s my physical controls?

The rest of the interior feels poorly made as well.


Are you going to have another car that’s gas?

You can pick up 1st gen Leafs, and Spark EVs for less then 8k, but 70miles would be a stretch unless it’s all city driving, and you don’t get very many cold days. Level 3 chargers get you to 80% charge in less then 15 minutes (we usually stop for less then 10 minutes).

Not trying to push you in any direction just trying to lay out as many options as I can.

Edit: @nx2l oh I almost forgot the if you care about performance then the only cheap used option is the Chevy Spark EV 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. It’s an absolute hoot, but it is squirrely. Fair amount of torque steer thanks to 327-400 lb-ft (depending on year) of torque.

Also see what level 3 charger options you have around you. Chevy, Nissan, and Tesla all have different level 3/super chargers, and many of them can be broken so keep an eye out for that as well.


I haven’t gotten in a model 3 yet, so I don’t know what that’s all about.


It’s all about getting the tesla zealots who don’t make 6 figures into a tesla.


I have a love hate relationship with Tesla.
I would absolutely love to have a RWD Model S.


progress. a bunch of clips and such are missing though so i need to get that situated before reassembly.

I did at least make sure they fit though and the sub harness does work with it despite being done almost entirely differently than the USDM headlights