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I’d figure. Everyone keeps saying “clean the throttle body”, “check for vacuum leak”, “check the MAF controller” and of course “check the idle control valve”.

Plenty of those here. I’ll give one a go.

Glad that someone finally asks that question to me, lmao, this:


Picture is not my actual car, just too lazy to take a pic of mine, but you get the idea. You may have heard of the SOHC version of it, but ever heard of a DOHC 4G64? :stuck_out_tongue:


Da fuq is dat?


I don’t even know what that is.


Something that was only available to us and Japan

Except mine is slightly newer, though unreliable


So many feels, Nascar was my childhood



JDM STI v7 headlights have arrived. 9/10 condition so pretty fucking fantastic for 13 year old headlights.

Note how the silver is like a pearlescent silver/black and the Amber marker is not there. Fucking stoked.


Since vegetable oil is more likely to give you heart disease than grass fed butter. Why not use it as engine oil.


because it will caramelize


For the obd2 scanner you can get cheap Bluetooth modules with the chip @sgtawesomesauce mentioned an use the free version of the torque app.

Worked so gud I bought torque pro.

I spent about $10 total


That’s because it has no additives. But a good flash point for engine oil.


Dude is there a guide for that?


for what exactly?

using it?

I suppose I could write one up for android.


I thought you had made one of the Bluetooth adapters yourself.


I did not, I ordered one from china for like $3 and some change. I suppose you could, but you would be hard pressed to do it for cheaper/better than china is doing them for.


This bad boy can fit so many codes in it.


That’s true.


Just look at all those codes… Beautiful! And it can be yours for less then $15. What a deal!


I think I got the answer to your problem. Remove the emissions control systems. And swap in a manual.

There is always more.


Hahaha. That’s exactly why it through all those codes. I swapped it to manual, but didn’t have the ECU tuned to manual yet.

Can confirm. I have an LS engine waiting to get swapped in next.


Eventually everything gets an LS swap. EVERYTHING…