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I have been debating buying an R35 but can justify the money (also only auto i would buy)



I’m still on this.

I’ll eventually have the money for buying this sort of thing. But that’ll be like 10 years out. What’s going to be out there 10 years from now, if we’ve got these monsters today?!

I’m hoping things like the new Tesla Roadster get less expensive.

They tested the R35 vs the R8 and the R8 blew the doors off the R35 in everything except 0-60 time. Especially driver comfort.


Watch 10 years later no gas cars not getting at least 40mpg being allowed to be sold driving up the price of that used


I’d be okay with electric if it’s affordable, reliable and fun.

Give me an option to turn off traction control, disable the front motor and do burnouts and donuts. That’s the only way I’d buy an AWD electric vehicle.


I just dont like the R8s looks and it wouldn’t be a good DD. Also dont really care about raw performance when its that far up the performance slope.


My car had that problem, they’ve known about it for a while. The fix was a replacement sensor I believe.


I’m just shilling for the Germans.


Eh they make good stuff, furthers german I would go its BMW M something thats about it


I don’t like modern BMW, but I can see what you’re saying.

I either want an AMG GT or E63S wagon. (because nothing says excess like a wagon that pops and crackles from the factory)

Side note: Someone at Mercedes must have been getting ready to tune out the unburnt fuel on throttle close and his boss looked at him and said: “No. Leave it. To hell with emissions.”


I doubt I will ever own anything german so it doesnt really matter


I have a 2019.


Super fancy well guess your safe then


bad commie


What you cant legally drive that fast on any US road that I am aware of (might be an unposted road in texas) Driving is not a right it is a privilege, so whats the issue?


no see.
what you want is the AMS Performance Alpha GT-R

Theres another… version the alpha omega…


No thanks.

I don’t want a boosted 370Z.


Just because something is illegal… doesnt mean its wrong.





boosted AWD and boosted RWD are quite difference at the 1400hp level


The wheels spin tho