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Does it have handlebars?


yet it probably pollutes double as much.


Should have bought it and flipped it



News at 10:

Volvo stock dives 45% with announcement of 112mph governor.


honestly 112 is plenty and i would imagine most volvos arent tracked


You’ve clearly never driven state to state in the southwest.

I do it every year or so. CA -> AZ, and I can easily get going at a good clip (125mph or so, depending on traffic and weather) with no problems at all. The roads are wonderful.




Is that legal? I was not aware there was any no limit places except like 1 place in texas i think(maybe that was just crazy high speedlimit)


Define “legal”


Whats the posted speed limit?


Oh, usually 75 or 80.

Cops don’t care though. I mean, I’ve passed cops doing 110 before and they don’t even blink.


While it is fun to drive at those speeds (Mississippi to PA in 350z when i was 19) its not needed and 112 is honestly plenty (I am sure if you really wanted you could turn off the gov chip)


It is nice do do San Diego to Phoenix in 4 hours.

I suppose “not needed” is technically true, but it’s a damn shame. They build cars that can handle more and then gimp them from the factory? hah


I wouldnt want the average driver doing 80 let alone 112+


This make you feel better?


I think that says something about drivers ed or the license test, not the vehicles.

I’ve always been an advocate for raising the bar.


This is actually pretty much my dream car at the moment lol

So yes.


I am fine with that maybe with autonomous driving only weird people like me who like to drive will

Had tons of fun driving little economy 4 banger on mountain roads in South NZ island.


I think we’re at least a decade out from usable autonomous driving. In the mean time, what do we do?

(buy the AMG GT R, of course)