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What the fuck is that…



Did some stuff with my truck today.
I swapped my modded throttle body butterfly valve that used to be in my black 99 Blazer. I ran the engine for a while to have some heat, but my fingers were still freaking freezing during all that. Well worth it though.

Modified one on the left.

I also called around to get quotes for the ECU reflashed over to manual, and I was very disappointed when the only place around me that could do everything I wanted would charge $400. RIP man, the dealer only quoted $120, but they wouldn’t remove the speed limiter.

Fortunately I have a buddy that knew a guy that could do it for $175. The program he has charges $100 to unlock an ECU, but next time I want something done it’ll just be labor, so $75 I guess. Which isn’t too bad since this ECU will run my 5.3L LS (same ECU as the full size trucks), and when I swap that in I’ll probably get it programmed a few times.

Also muh parking area…



You still have room for mooore…



When he does the impression of his kiddo. LUL
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I’m not sure that computer will work with coil packs and the extra cylinders. Not enough outputs.

There’s a main Napa store here that is/was able to flash computers. I had a Silverado ecm flashed with the manual firmware, I think it was $50 or $75. This was 12 years ago though. Damn its been a long time…

Also this



Need the help from you guys,
Someone is interested in the backseat, and two front seats of my Tiburon.
What do you guys think it’s worth?

Its all leather but in really great quality!



I’m a cheap ass, I’d pay maybe $200 for the lot.

If they’re electric or heated you may get more.

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Then i was not far off

Including the two door panels i asked 320,- as starting offer.
He did not respond yet. Hopefully he’ll barter but i think it was a bluf…



Not really a classic in my opinion. Rather have something that actually looks like a mercedes benz.







Not too surprised, the designs seem to be attempting to target markets outside of Harley’s norm.

In my capstone class a group did an analysis on HD and it turned out that Harley is hurting for new buyers. Apparently the younger generations simply aren’t buying Harley’s anywhere near as much as older generations.



Well they’re just so damn expensive compared to the alternatives. If you want a cruiser you can spend 20-30k on a Harley, or half that on an equivalent Honda, Kawasaki, or Yamaha which have all proven to be as if not more reliable. If you want exhaust note, the price difference allows you to get the stuff to make a better exhaust note. I spent like 3500 on my bike, if it were an equivalent Harley it’d easily go for 6k.

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Price was definitely part of it, but another large part was the brand image. The brand image just doesn’t tie in with what the generations care about.

I mean when I think Harley I think of a herd of overweight white guys in leather and denim making a ruckus driving down the road.

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Kill overseas manufacturing. Sell bikes that don’t cost as much as a car. And get rid of the annoying sales people.


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So make manufacturing more expensive and sell the bike for less, got it.



You can still sell a Harley for 9 grand American made. You just have to not make as many. And only sell them in America. That is part of the exclusivity factor. And the exclusiveness of that means that you can make less to keep cost down. But our generation just wants to get in the mud, grill, drink beer and play with tits. Oh and blast dubstep.

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Yea, they are definitely hurting. Price is a HUGE factor. Not just for new bikes, but an even bigger factor is the used prices. Around here, the cheapest beat to hell sportster that runs will cost 8k$. Why would a 18yro get one of those when supersports cost 4k$? Its always stated “Don’t buy new your first bike” And personally I dont know anyone who hates their first bike, usually that first bike shapes what they ride in the future. They aspire to now get a supersport or what have you.

The other big part of it is the current culture of grumpy old men riding them (Which is getting worse (While I know its not everyone for sure) Or maybe that’s just my experience. Once more I give a big ol “Gargle my ballsack” to those two fucks that rode past me while I was down and the bike was pinned to 12krpm) and “its not reliable” which isnt all that true anymore. Thats still one of hte first comments I get from people when they saw the vfr “I bet thats reliable too huh? Honda.”



I went to get my S10 tuned for manual (no reflash needed). Unfortunately it didn’t fix the max 3k RPM, but it did make me realize that my alternator would stop working at times (possible RPM) but it completely died before I tested to see if that had something to do with the max 3k.
Wishful thinking that it’s the alternator, more likely it needs a fuel pump, and if I do something I going to set it up for the end goal (boosted 5.3L).

The ECU is indeed the same as the full sized trucks, and it can run every thing just by selecting the engine from a drop-down. I love that GM went to these 100% tunable ECU’s. I can run anything (N/A or forced induction) from my little 4.3L V6 up to a 8.1L V8, it’ll even run the coil on plugs.

Very cool stuff and it has me excited for my swap.

Here’s a video demonstrating what’s going on.

And a 0-60 with this problem to show off the torque. Lol

I think your thinking of this ECU maybe?

But since mine is an 02 it has this

And there are a tone of unused pins on it.

Edit: just noticed the alternator was already dead when I made those videos. Guess that’s not the problem with Max 3k then.



I want a mini truck.



If there is a fuel issue, wouldn’t it run lean and throw a code for the o2 sensor? I don’t honestly know anything about it, but if it was in limp mode or some other reason for the ECU to pull timing (knock sensor?) then that would probably cause an issue. You can definitely hear the tone change in the video as you get up in RPM’s, like the ignition is firing later.

Also, I’m pretty sure I remember reading about needing the correct value for the knock sensor when you change engines, so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. If you data logged it, I’d put money on the timing being retarded, and relating to some issue with a sensor.