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Could very well be the case yes.
I personally don´t know all the ins n outs about cars.
But i know a couple of people who have a bunge of skyline’s.

Cool cars, allthough in terms of looks a Supra is also cool.

But i personally like Italian cars a bit more. :slight_smile:

The Alfa Romeo Giullia Q, such a nice machine. :slight_smile:


The GTS4 is an overweight R32 GTS-T with the RB20.

I have heard that the AWD system in them is nowhere near as strong as that in the GTR.

(i live in australia and R32/R33/R34 skylines are common here).

I would not buy a GTS4 personally - parts are limited and you’re better off just either buying a GTS-T (lighter weight, pretty durable, parts cheap and the little RB20 revs its tits off) or spending a bit more on a full GT-R.

If you’re looking for an “almost Godzilla” look for a Stagea RS4, or even better an 260RS.

The RS4 has an RB25DET (with vvt) with AWD in a wagon
The 260RS is a limited run wagon with full R33 GTR running gear underneath.

A Stagea would be fucking hilarious in the states, even a modified RS4. Barely anyone will know what it is. That said if i was looking for a low key import over there I’d be chasing (lol) a JZX100 Chaser. 2JZ in a sedan… The 2JZ (or even a 1JZ) is a much better motor than the RB, and i say that as a former nissan owner and GTR fan. Better oil galleries, stronger block (harder iron, ribbed, other design features that make it simply stronger).

All that aside. If you’re coming from a WRX (or even better, an STi) - i just wouldn’t. The subaru is better made, they’re smaller, lighter, sportier, and you can get plenty of power out of the EJ motor. Parts will be MUCH easier to source. And your own car is a car you know the quirks of, etc. A change over will result in a new set of issues for you to chase down.

2c. WRXs are great. Just because they aren’t “JDM yo!” isn’t something to be concerned about. Going from a WRX to a GTS-T or GTS4 R32 would be a step backwards.


I reallly like the looks of Mercs,
much better than Audi or BMW




@SoulFallen I thought your ad mentioned rust.

Anyways, with that tiny amount, I’d say you could probably get 11.


Here’s my update on the 00 coupe RD2 (2.0L)

Still stripping everything

Got some new parts too :smiley:


Damn, seems a shame to rip apart such a good example, but it is just a shitbox.


Jep but for 350,- i-am not afraid to rip a shitbox apart with violence
(keeping the nice parts of course)

Any tips on how to remove the black (almost plastic like) sound insulation?
Its really stuck…


Black rubberized material? I think the solution for that was ice.


it’s below 0c for quite some time now but it feels more like hard molded plastic.
Not like rubber at all.
Can see some indentations of cables here and there so it can be soft i guess?



Nice, using thermal shrinking properties of the shitmaterial and steel… smart.


Yeah. It’s pretty cool.

The chemical adhesion also breaks down at low temperatures.


Tell me you’ve heard of the double unicorn stagea


Dry ice and a hammer.


Stageas are cool but they aren’t legal here yet lol.

I’m also aware that ‘JDM YO’ isn’t the most important factor I just happen to love Nissan’s.



Yes, i looked up that video (actually no, i think it was featured on hoonigan) a few weeks ago :smiley:


Been forced into bringing my WRX out of winter storage early as the TPS on my truck is on the verge of failing, cutting throttle while trying to drive pretty fucking dangerous Tbh.

Was gonna do it myself but I realized I can’t do it without taking off the throttle body. I can’t be bothered to do that in this weather I was waiting for it to get nicer but now it’s a pretty big issue can’t put it off anymore.


Harley is being weird again. The first one looks like a baja minibike to me. The bars and frame shape.