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Nah, just what the rust on your car is.

Pics preferably.


Rust? what rust?

The USDM crash bar in the front is rusty… could be removed the JDM version doesn’t even have that part… and one of the shields next to the drive shaft is a little rusty. Neither of which are even rusted bad enough to be an issue.



Some kid just offered to trade me this

Get the fuck out of here. Am I being trolled?


No dice…

Not a huge fan of subbies, but yours is waaaay nicer (at least aesthetically)

The colour on that is ok but I hate plasticy trim crap all over cars…


yeah this thing is junk. Not sure why he even offered. Ebay overfenders aren’t even lined up right, wheels don’t have proper fitment. It’s an 02 so it’s got a weaker transmission and the 2.0 instead of the 2.5 like mine. I’d have to be daft.

Told him I’d be interested in an R32 GTST or a 240SX I wonder what he’s gonna say lmao.


Ah you want an RB20? :smiley:


i’d rb25 swap it later but the GTST is the same value as my car here in the states. it’s a good stepping off point to get into a R32 and the most cost effective. it’s cheaper in the states to start with a gtst and upgrade it with imported parts.


Lol looks like it…

It is a cute little engine though, though in a 32 with turbo, they go reasonably well…

Once upon a time me and a mate dropped RB30DE in an HC vaxhuall viva ( '79 ) that thing was absolutely insane, borderline undrivable lol


Well yeah kinda depends i guess.
a R32 with RB25 swap is of course nice and you can really modify and tune them well.
But i´m not sure if its really better then what you currently have.
I mean your WRX has a nice 2.5 engine which also has some tuning headroom.
And you have a great 4wd system.
Which an R32 GTST doesnt have, its not a R32 GTR godzilla for that matter.


Yeah putting allot of HP in a car is fun.
But of course you should also be able to get it on the asphalt.


That’s true…

But if he went with a 32 gts4 then from memory the 4wd system is relay controlled, and he could have 4wd at the flick of a switch… And the stock gearbox (provided manual) is good for an rb25 with the 20’s old turbo system brought over…

It would be low boost compared to a outright 25det swap, but you retain the 4wd system, and it’s cheaper for parts…


Unfotunately only a gtr is a 4wd as far as i know.
gtst´s are rwd only.


No he’s right about the GTS4 but i rarely see those i’ve only heard about them.


Ah maybe i missed on that one then.

I thought that GTS4 just stands for 4 door non turbo.
But i might be wrong on that.


The gts4’s are aswell…



I know that a R33 GTS4 is just a R33 4 door sedan NA. :slight_smile:


TBH you could probably import one on the cheap…

You don’t see many cause most people just assume the same a mistery did, so alot of people don’t bother with them…

I’d never even heard of them till my mate got one… Less than 100k miles, no rust, only needed new brake pads and rotors ( worn to steel on steel) for 4k NZD…


It’s possible the 32 was the last one then? Not sure on that…


i’m not sure either my knowlege lies mostly with the R32s.