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The power valves i should have bought 10 years ago in order to ensure that my RGV250 engine doesn’t grenade itself (fixes suzuki design flaw with the stock items)…

Finally purchased and arrived.

Not a bad way to spend $900


$900 for those tiny things?



There’s basically only one place in the world that makes them, and they’re a custom aftermarket part for a low volume 20+ year old GP replica bike :smiley:

Basically they’re a 3 blade valve (2 assemblies per cylinder) that is pulled out of the cylinder to expand the exhaust port based on rpm range. Basically enabling the “power band” of the 2 stroke engine to be shifted up and down the RPM range - instead of one power-band surge when it comes on the pipe, this bike has 3 steps in the power band. One at 7,000, one at 10,000 or so and one at 11,000 rpm. It’s like VTEC but much more of a step and there’s 3 of them…

The stock valves have a hole through the middle blade, and a shitty little 2mm diameter pin that slips through it and holds the other 2 blades in place with a groove to allow them to slide.

What happens with the OEM ones is that the pin breaks and bits of power valve drop into the bore and smash shit out of your piston(s).

That round nub in the pic on each set of valves is what… 4-5mm and is part of the central blade. There’s no way that is snapping off.

Here’s what a dyno chart of one of these looks like. You can clearly see the steps in the power delivery (not my bike) :smiley:

50-60hp out of 250cc. Or over 200HP/litre, naturally aspirated. Put that in your honda VTEC pipe and smoke it.



Blizzaks still get the w.meri two thumbs of approval.


bahahaha posted a “what’s my car worth” in my local car group, boyfriend of the original owner pms me in not even 5 minutes wanting to buy it back.

What is the universe trying to tell me? :thinking:


get him to pay double blue book!!


That’s honestly not hard with my car.


Hay, I really like that picture of your car! That’s cool that the previous owner wanted to buy it back.
I see some of my old cars around every once in a while. I left a note on one with my number on it but I never heard from him. Oh well.


Gotten several messages from people who want to buy my subaru and no straight forward answers about what it’s worth from anyone… this is actually more informative than people giving straight forward answers tbh lol. Starting to think my initial thoughts of 8500-9k are probably on the mark as cars similar to mine can be easily found for 7k though they aren’t in this condition.


A car is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Plenty of people “Want to buy” things, but very few are willing to put up the dollars.

Until you have a cash offer, it’s just vapour.


Give me the deets and I’ll give you an idea of what you should expect.

It’s clear the paint is in immaculate condition, but that doesn’t say enough about the car.


Here’s my two Merc’s. I really like old Mercedes Benz’s :smiley:



I’ll give you a dollar for it!


Hmm. Tempting


@sgtawesomesauce so what’s it worth fam??


I’d say asking somewhere in 9-11k is fair.

Seems like a good example. I’d need more info on the rust to say for sure.


as in what they typically do?


A dollar and some gum I found in my desk?